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Why is Valorant update so slow? Answered

Riot Games has launched today the new Valorant episode, which brings a lot of new content to the game. The update is now available in the USA. And will start, download and install automatically after loading the game client. Sometimes, however, you can really take time to finish. If you are wondering Why is Valorant update so slowly? So this is what you need to know. Why is Valorant update slowly downloaded? Answered Valorant updates are not usually huge, but obviously, episode 5 brings a lot, so you should expect the latest installation time to be normal. Speaking of installation, that is actually the keyword here because it is worth noting that, although the percentage may seem the download rate, it is also also the total progress of the installation. So why is that relevant, exactly? Well, if you are experiencing slow progress, this could be explained by the speed with which your computer, specifically your hard drive, is taking to process the installation of the game. Accor

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