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Netflix could stop premiering entire seasons

Something that is known very well, is the technique with the Streaming platforms such as Disney Plus or HBO Max , this consists of releasing episodes of their series weekly for users to pay more months of subscription. And now, who distinguished all this, Netflix , would be planning to follow the trends of their current competitors. This was announced by Puck News , announcing that now Netflix will not release all the chapters of its new series, or the seasons of those that are to be arrived. The foundations began to be seen with Stranger Things Season Four, which was divided into two parts, thus having users who are fans of the saga. According to what is mentioned, the executive director of Netflix, Reed Hastings , mentions that they were not willing to leave the binge-watching model (all chapters in a single broadcast), just because not They had desired him. But now this would change, because the competition finds this method effective without any casualties. In the fu

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