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A Closer Look At Anno 1800 On Console: DLCs, Plans For The Future & More

A great four years after its original release on the PC, Anna 1800 now comes for the PS5 and the Xbox Series X | s. Soon prior to the launch, the Ubisoft developers respond to the most essential questions about the console variation. Anna 1800: Your essential questions about the console variation for the PS5 and the Xbox Series X | S Anna 1800: Console Edition just comes for the next-gene consoles will there be a physical variation of the Anna 1800 Console Edition? important differences between the PC and console variation at a summary What about cross-play and cross progression? which input approaches need to exist for the console version Which frame rate should have 1800 on the console? so it is about the DLC material for the Xbox and the PlayStation Was additional DLC content for the PC marked on the basis of the console variation? Fresh food from the Anno-fore In the FAQ, not only the differences to the PC version are made clear, but also clarified how DLC material is, or with whi

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