A Chrono Cross remake can be heading

A Throne Cross remake could soon be announced after months of conjecture.

A few months ago it was exposed that PlayStation has strategies to make a huge remake statement this December after Irish musician Ava revealed that they had actually been asked to compose a tune for the job earlier this year. According to a radio meeting with Ava, the artist was approached by author Michael McGlynn, whose musical team Anna serviced the Enfilade Chronicles 2 soundtrack.

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Even more information regarding this mysterious project has considering that emerged and also all indicators aim towards the announcement being a Throne Cross remake according to Boxer founder Nick Baker that declared this held true on a recent podcast episode (thanks NGC.).

Nevertheless, according to Baker: The game itself is not a mystery, Throne Cross Remastered was already on the NVIDIA leak checklist. He proceeds, what else I was informed — because everyone's working under the assumption that it's a PlayStation unique — I've been informed that it's not. The only word that was utilized was 'multi-plat.'.

The NVIDIA leakage Baker is discussing taken place in September as well as caused the release of an unpublished game listing. It was later revealed that although some PC ports on the listing are actual, other video games on the checklist are speculative. The video games still unconfirmed by NVIDIA or their authors include Last Dream 7 Remake, Ghost of Sushi, Horizon Forbidden West, and also Throne Cross Remaster.

If Baker and also Ava's comments are real, it's feasible we might be obtaining a Throne Cross remaster/remake introduced quickly, nonetheless it now appears as though it won't always be PlayStation special. We'll simply have to keep our fingers crossed up until PlayStation makes its reported news to formally locate out.

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