Battlefield 2042: Developers already work on the problems with the weapons

Even if Battlefield 2042 has not yet appeared for the majority of players, some fans were able to dive thanks to Beta tests and Early-Access in the youngest offshoot of the shooter series of performance. In doing so, they have sponsored away from typical battle fold moments and a lot of action unfortunately also one or the other problem.

One of them is the extreme weapon scattering during continuous shooting. On Reddit, User Important Age5772 has already uploaded a video of it, which shows well that despite precise goals, only a fraction of the shots really hits. If you look into the comments, it is far from the only one with this problem.

The developers know and already work on a solution

Even on Twitter, active players have already excited about the problem. One turned directly to the developers to get his anger heard: The weapons are currently scattering much too strong, I want my shots to meet where I looked at. I really would like to know what design decisions behind these changes put.

It did not take long, because he actually got an answer. Flora Le Behan, his sign lead game designer at EA DICE, assured the fan: Thank you for the mark, we look at the weapons already and plan a few changes regarding the scattering. However, I can not find an appointment or any details Share possible changes.

Until Launch on November 19th, that is probably not flaps, but at least Battlefield fans can now be sure that the extreme scattering of the weapons should not remain a permanent problem. If you are not shooting yourself through the Early Access and insecure, whether the new Battlefield is at all for you: Here you will find some previous test ratings and our preliminary conclusion, including answering the most important questions.

Source: Florian Le Behan on Twitter / Important-Age5772 on Reddit

From Jonas Roger author 15.11.2021 at 17:46


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