BVB: Rose optimistic for Haaland

After the 2: 1 defeat against RB Leipzig two weeks ago, Borussia Dortmund wants to find the track on Saturday against the VfB Stuttgart (15:30 clock) as soon as possible. Coach Marco Rose is facilitated that overlooking the Bundesliga game in the BVB Lazaro is a little improvement.

As the coach looked through on Friday on the press conference of the Westphalia, Raphael Guerrero stands before returning to the starting eleven. Even the most recently injured Eyre CAN come at least for a part of the part. For Sturmtalent Youssef Mouton, who had injured himself in the country break on the eye, Rose could also give all the all-clear.

Mahmoud Aloud, Marius Wolf and Nico Schulz are still missing against the Swabia.

In the medium term, BVB also hope that Dowager Erlang Haaland earlier than expected can embrace again. We are careful not to be optimistic that this year is again on the field — not only in the exercise, says Rose.

The Norwegian goalkeeper is currently falling out due to a muscle injury to the hip boss. The top game against leaders Bayern Munich on December 4th could be too early for Haaland.

For the table seconds it is the start in pioneering weeks. After the game against Stuttgart, thingsing Lisbon is about the move to the second round of the Champions League. In the league, the games in Wolfsburg and against Bayern are afterwards. We can lead many things in the right tracks in the next few days and weeks, Rose said.

The most important statements from the BVB-PK for reading:

+++ Rose over the unsuccessful appeal against the Hummels-Lock +++

I have not heard there, but at some point you have to make a hook on it. The points are gone, Mats flew from the square, and we have to put someone else there in the next game.

+++ Rose over the chance for Paradox +++

Weve come up with something, we all know that Mats will of course be locked in Lisbon. Dan-Axel could play a role, because we appreciate his qualities. It would of course be important for him that he previously has play practice, Therefore, he is now in the bus to Halle and is used in the U23. We believe that this is brought closer to the starting eleven.

+++ Rose about Haaland +++

We are carefully optimistic that Erlang this year is again on the field — not only in the training process. I hope I do not trigger any merciless debates.

+++ Rose over the World Cup in Qatar +++

The most important thing is that you should basically separate thingss and politics. If a World Cup takes place in land, what you can look rather critical, then of course it will be a topic. It always goes to discourse, you have to talk about things about the things to make things better. He does not make sense to close. If you see how much the players are looking forward to the qualification, then you should just let them play the tournament. That the World Cup takes place there, the guys do not have decided. Now its about stopping things and do not look away in human rights.

+++ Rose over the Champions League game +++

Im not in my head yet. In the next few days, we have the chance to direct many things to the right track. In the country break, the next games look at the next games. Its about the measure Especially with such players like Raphael Guerrero. For example, we may not retribute immediately after the long break.

+++ Rose over 2G for players +++

I think we all in society have the claim to be treated equally. I am twice inoculated and would also recommend this to anyone. We also have a vaccine ratio of 90 percent in the Bundesliga. But in the topic of vaccinations you have to distinguish it Specifies people who have good reasons not to vaccinate. For what I have no understanding, people who are thinking about Hanebüchen founders and make a politician from it. People who simply have doubts that you have to convince themselves about and after. But I would not distinguish football and construction workers, that must be the same for everyone.

+++ Rose demands development of painting +++

Everybody gets a fair chance. I always said that we should give him the time. Of course, we also have to demand. He has to be able to easily improve in partial areas. At the beginning we worked at his physique. At the moment he has might also have a lack of Self-confidence, but he has to develop the experiences of success, we can not give him.

+++ Rose over the VfB Stuttgart +++

We had enough game from Stuttgart. I think they will be the Stuttgart last season again on Saturday. It is a team that comes across football. They act intensively against the ball and came quality in the center. They have A clear idea how you want to edit rooms. We have to be awake tomorrow.

+++ Rose via Roman Burke +++

I have to say how novel behaves in his situation, is exceptionally strong. He trains well, is there for the team and creates a positive working atmosphere. But I also wish him that he finds a role for himself where he is in the goal And is successful. As long as he is part of our team, but he will get any support from us.

+++ Rose via Gregor Nobel +++

Gregor has made an integrative training this week. We did not talk about it because we are well occupied on the position. We have Martin Hit and then Burke Jitendra, we have a lot of trust. But Gregor has already shown why we have already shown why have brought. He is still young and can still develop many things. He has already developed a good standing in the team about his performance.

+++ Rose over the triple chain +++

In Leipzig, it was about our staff. On the day with the personnel situation we looked, what suits best. This can look very different tomorrow. We want to be tactically flexible, but the base is the principles that we implement want.

+++ Rose about the Zeus criticism +++

We have discussed it more often. We won against Bielefeld, now we have lost and make a barrel on. I believe that this is not a question of the basic order, but the implementation. We had big problems in Leipzig big problems on the external defense positions, Fact, we have operated better in the four-chain. In the first half we did not realize things as we wanted. Im Marco Im in close exchange, but a captain says after the game sometimes things Lie on him on the heart. Theres nothing hanging, things have been torn from the context. He did not get any stick strikes.

+++ Rose over the staff +++

Raphael Guerrero is an option for Stuttgart. He has two weeks of team training in the legs. Eyre CAN come for a part of the part. At Raphael, we have to look for Tuesday that we do not overload him. Mo Aloud is also in training but does not play a role for Stuttgart, as we look at Tuesday. In deer training in the final phases are Marius Wolf and Nico Schulz, which are then the next candidates. Mouton came with the gnome of the national team, which have our doctors Under the handle, but he has trained and is an option.

+++ Lets go +++

In these minutes, the press conference of BVB starts in Dortmund. Marco Rose sits ready and waits for the questions of the J

+++ Does the BVB show a reaction? +++

In order not to slip into a mini crisis after the most recent bankrupt, it is for BVB to show a reaction in the game against Stuttgart. For before the Leipzig game, the Rose-Eleven had already lost in the Champions League unhappy against Ajax Amsterdam. After now two defeats in a row, a trend turner is urgently required. How should this plan be implemented, Mr. Rose?

+++ Returners at BVB? +++

The fact that BVB could not always go to his performance limit in recent weeks, was also decisive at the many injuries. Against Stuttgart, there could now be slight all-clear in the Lazaro of Russia. According to the Ruhr news, on Thursday, the last injured Eyre Can, Mahmoud Aloud, Raphael Guerrero and Yousuf Mouton completed the complete team training. Is the quartet for the league already an option?


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