Chrono Cross: a collaboration before a remill?

Chrono Cross: Marle, Lucca and Crono on the Beach Throne Cross is a name that we did not have the opportunity to sometimes evoke lately on Gamut, but the 1999 RPG may well be one of the surprise animators of this end of the year.

The rumor of a return of this title never released in Europe takes indeed more and more volume. First here are the facts: the mobile role-play Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space by WAS has just launched a teaser suggesting the announcement of a collaboration with a game of Square Unix whose details will be unveiled on December 4 at 10am. Two days earlier, a Reddit user had relied on Another Eden files to reveal the presence of a future collaboration with Throne Cross. The rapprochement between the two games has nothing fortuitous since they share the same screenwriter (Mascot NATO) and the same composer (Samundri Matsuda).

Relaying the information, the Gets site, which is not used to coloring unfounded rumors, slides according to its own sources than a Remaster from Throne Cross would currently be developing. Can not have more details for the moment, but the timing of the collaboration between Another Eden and Throne Cross can let an announcement a few days later at Game Awards, for example.

Spiritual successor of Throne Trigger, Throne Cross came out on PlayStation on November 18, 1999, in Japan and August 15, 2000, in the United States. The story of this RPG per turn is based on the theme of parallel worlds and follows the adventures of a young man named Serge, inhabitant of a small village on the paradise archipelago of El Nido. During his adventure, the protagonist will alternate between the two dimensions of the same reality, the native world and the other world, to understand what caused his death 10 years earlier in the alternative dimension. The stakes will of course grow rapidly beyond this personal quest, conducted alongside the young Kid Thinner, a member of the Dreamers Radical Strip. Sold at more than a million and a half copies, the game had distinguished itself for its realization, the beauty of its music, its philosophical reach, its forty playable characters drawn by Outer Yuri and its unconventional experience system.


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