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Finally, get out again in the wide world! As in October after one and a half years again an invitation to an investment event fluttered into my mailbox, I could not believe my luck at all: with real persons, on-site, live and touching? Fantastic! And then also to Dying Light 2: Stay Human!

Since I ve gotten the thing on the Games com 2018 for the first time, it s up to my list. Unfortunately, however, it has been moved several times: from spring 2020 to the winter 2021 and finally on February 4, 2022.

Before developer Tech land thinking again differently, I d rather set myself fast to the plane to Warsaw to finally get the Open World Adventure into his fingers. And to be able to reveal here if we actually expect a real gaming highlight of the coming year.

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Welcome to the modern Middle Ages!

To betray too much, we do not want to do that at this point. Or better: we can not. This is especially true for the story. Instead of starting from the start of the game, the developers would rather be in a score, which had already about four to five hours on the hump.

Accordingly, we also tear here only the basic features of the action: in Dying Light 2 (Buy Now €79.99) Slips into the skin of Aiden Caldwell, a so-called pilgrim, which combines the postalapalkalpse after his sister MIA. This is the last survivors from Aides family and the key to his mysterious past, to which your hero can only remember blurry.

The movement makes a lot of moods in Dying Light 2. In addition to parkour and parachute, zip lines are also available. Source: Tech land Our track search led us through two different areas of the game world: Old Villeroy, a rather rural premises with cathedral and bazaar, and the business district Central Loop. Of course, business district is also a bit raised. So really modern is nothing more in the world of Dying Light 2.

After a mutant rabies virus had transformed most of the earth s population into disfigured monsters and sank the world in chaos, humanity was thrown back almost to the Middle Ages. The developers are happy to speak of Modern Dark Ages. So there is still occasional modern technologies such as electricity, light and radio. But the people mostly housed together in small colonies and do not wear more than shreds at the body.

There are no more firearms, apart from arrow and bow, maybe. In the world of Dying Light 2, you instead give each other hard with melee weapons on the face. In the best case, even with improvised, bulled out of scrap. So you can also cover one with a road sign.

End opponent BPM?

On his part, the enemy will go to blow, you can block his attack or avoid it. If you do that at the right moment you will be rewarded with a short slo-mo sequence. The opponent then moves only in slow motion and is unsuccessful for a few seconds. This is especially helpful with the bigger chunks, which puts you the game in front of the nose.

In addition to human survivors, of course, you can also do it with different types of mutant infected ones, all attracting different behaviors, attack patterns and vulnerabilities. So you have to come up with something new again and again.

For example, to force relevant into the knees, you will also need to use ambient objects for your advantage — so hunt gas cylinders in the air or pull spears from lying around and then throw on your adversary.

The whole thing is powerful and feels really intense, especially with the vibration feedback of a controller. For this, the fighting in Dying Light 2 is still really spectacularly staged. It splashes the blood, it flies the body parts. At the Gore, now half things are made. Of course, the trials immediately triggered with us, the title could fall the US to the victim again.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human - Official Gameplay Trailer

Already the predecessor landed in 2015 yes on the index. However, this fear was quickly taken from the developers. You work intensively with the German authorities to bring the zombie adventure to the German market, we were talking to us. Even at a German localization is already crafted. Your parkour skills can also be used in combat. About the talent tree you can later unlock a dropkick. Source: Tech land Dying Light 2: The Case Chris Alone

In the light of current events such as the abuse scandals at Activision Blizzard and Ubisoft, it is important to mention that the development of Dying Light 2 was not without unsightly incidents. Thus, developer Tech land divided into June 2020 by Story Designer Chris Alone, after allegations of sexual harassment were raised against the vortex of the RPG scene (Fallout 2, Ice wind Dale, Plan escape: Torment). Although Alone recorded any misconduct in a public statement and, in turn, filed a slander. However, another collaboration was apart. We have no tolerance for disrespect and sexual harassment, explained Tech land at that time via Twitter.

At the completion of the game, this decision probably had no impact on how we learned in the context of our studio touch. We worked with Chris to establish the Lore the game world. He also helped us with his expertise around Story decisions and their consequences, explained us Creative Director Adrian Ciszewski. However, Alone was directly responsible for any of the game content. Chris has nothing to do with the story, says Ciszewski. Dying Light 2 is full of our own product.

Mirror s Edge in Bloody

The movement makes a lot of moods in Dying Light 2. In addition to parkour and parachute, zip lines are also available. Source: Tech land The great star of the show is, of course, the locomotion: Although Dying Light 2 also offers you the opportunity to easily jump flight through the various areas — assuming you have the metro stations required for it. Just as in Marvel s Spider-Man makes free exploration on foot but just much more fun.

Already at the first steps through the city, comforting memories of Mirror s Edge will be awake: her climbs up like a little efficient on the next best streetlamp, jumping on the house roof next door, rolls off once and goes directly into the sprint. This goes liquid from the hand, makes a mood properly and also looks spectacular. Once you get the turn-out.

Especially at the beginning, the control is still a little fiddly, which is especially due to the usable keypad of the controller. Yes, Read: Controller! We were allowed to try Dying Light 2 on the PC, but for technical reasons, we did not get mouse and keyboard, but only one Xbox game pad pressed into the fingers.

And on that, for example, jump on the right bumper and not on the A button. You heal with that. That s why we were using one or the other unwanted mudpack, followed by a painful encounter with the asphalt.

In addition, a lot of precision is required for breathtaking parkour action. You have to target exactly your goal with the right stick, otherwise Aiden jumps at the desired point or attacks the emptiness. So always keep well look for yellow color clings, which Tech land subtly distributed over the cityscape. With them the game says you: Hey, on this gutter, on this windowsill you can hold on!

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