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Grand Burglary Auto: San Andreas is an open globe action-adventure computer game created by Rock star North and also released by Rock star Gaming. It was formally verified by the aforementioned Rockstar Games at the beginning of March 2004, and also its tentative launch date was set up for October 19 and also 22 of that year for The United States and Canada as well as Europe. Distributed by Take-Two Interactive, San Andreas was initially introduced for PlayStation 2 on October 26, 2004, although various versions were ultimately released, both for 6th, 7th and eighth generation video wonders, along with computer systems, and smart devices. The plot of the video game takes place in San Andreas, a make believe state that contains three urban cities: the saints, San Fairly and also the Ventures; The three based upon the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco as well as Las Vegas, respectively, being the 2nd most substantial map of the saga behind GTA V. Focused in 1992, the work tells the story of Carl Johnson CJ, who chooses Back to the saints after 5 years of absentee on Freedom City -City of various other video games of the Saga such as GTA III, GTA Freedom City Stories or GTA IV — after learning of the murder of his mother. Upon arrival, CJ attempts to bring back the power of his previous band and his family, as he exposes little by little the fact behind the death of his mom. Its plot is easily based on occasions such as the rivalry between the Bloods as well as Crops gangs, the epidemic of Fracture, the Barricade detraction and also the Riddles of the 1992 angels. Grand Burglary Car: San Andreas is structured similarly to the previous titles of the collection. The core of the game mechanics includes firing aspects in third individual, driving and open world. For the very first time in the collection, the gamer can swim, dive, drive a train and also climb wall surfaces. On top of that, focus was put on the personalization of the protagonist, including numerous ability data in locations such as driving, handling of firearms and physical characteristics. There was likewise a renovation in the visuals' engine of the video game, being an upgraded variation of the render ware, which was also made use of by previous titles such as GTA III and also Vice City. A lot of these mechanisms in the game, included to the background of it accomplished great approval by the public, which triggered the distribution to be thought about as the cherished of the legend, and also the very successful game of the PlayStation 2. To Grand Theft Car: San Andreas obtained practically consentaneous authorization from criticism. On the Metacritic website, the video game has a typical note of 95 out of 100 for the PlayStation 2. System for its component, the versions of Windows and Xbox have a score of 93 out of 100. Furthermore, on this internet site the title is provided as The fifth game best racked up by PlayStation 2, along with being the best-selling computer game of this console, and the second with the most total sales of the saga.

The GTA Trilogy has been able to fulfill the eternal desire of the GTA community after a really pretty new edition of San Andreas and Co as well. That's why the next fan itself attaches hand and tines his own GTA San Andreas-Remake. Thanks to the graphics of Far Cry 5, it really looks very good. But you should not look too early: the chances are very bad that this is not crashed here by Rock star or Take-Two.

GTA San Andreas-Remake looks too nice to be true

It's about it: Redditor Ghost in bright builds its own GTA San Andreas Remake. For this he uses the Dania graphics engine from Far Cry 5 (and probably also his level editor). The fan project is apparently still in a very early stage of development, but now looks very promising and above all pretty.

Here you can get a first impression of it:

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Proper gameplay should follow. Until then, we have to be pleased or evil with these in engine still images. Of course, that awakens memories and hopes to actually experience the time-honored games sometime in such a graphic interaction. But that should remain until further pure wishful thinking, despite such efforts.

No rosy future: Fan projects like this are generally on very shaky legs. Whether it's about fodder, which are programming the source code with reverse engineering or whether it is replica of, for example, Golden eye 007 or Super Mario: usually the right owners inside go very quickly against such projects before, as in the current case with the GTA modern.

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They only wanted bugs Fixed: GTA-Modder defend themselves against Take-Two complaint

Maybe would be a way to avoid trouble with Rock star and Take-Two to rename the whole. Then the remaining similarities remain, but at least the trademark rights would not be touched. In the comments, great ideas are already raised as the fan remake could be called: Super Steal Car, Steady Wheel Automobility or Grab That Car sound really promising.

How do you like the remake? How would you call that to avoid problems?


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