LOL: How long did he silen Rekkles with Karmine Corp in LFL?

Martin Reckless Larsson is the figure of the moment but not by his legacy. On November 15, a transfer was spoken to Carmine Corp, but it was not said for how many seasons. The French squad was limited to welcoming the King of the North in a publication in social networks.

In the middle of the profile of the Swede signing Veteran, Alejandro Gomes and Brood Seeger (LEC Woo loo) offered more details. In a publication for Up comer, which was reinforced with a report by Jacob Wolf, was talked about the price of Reckless. Apparently, His contract covers the number of one million distributed over two years. The purchase clause of him would have cost the same.

The arrival of Reckless to France is not free of controversy. Originally, The Swede would play for G2 ESPORTS to 2023, as part of one of the movements that generated discussions at the end of 2020. The relationship between both parties did not surrender the expected fruits. After leaving the LEC prematurely, Carlos Ocelot Rodríguez advanced that there would be changes. The Escabechnology arrived with considerable prices, valuing Reckless at 1.5 million euros, but did not get equipment in LEC.

Reckless will join another exile in Carmine Corp: Lucas Aboard Simon-Meslet. Recall that European Masters Brampton should get two extra reinforcements, one in the jungle and another in the support role.

If everything goes according to previously reported, G2 ESPORTS already has a squad for LEC 2022. Reckless will have its first split outside the first division in a long time, although everything can change to the future. As we noticed, the contracts in the ESPORTS are not usually a reference about how much time someone will play on a team. In a large part of the cases, they help the sale be more expensive when needed.

All contracts for the 2022 season of League of Legends will be signed as of this November 16.

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Ported via Michael Mongol / Riot Games.


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