LOL: KcORP gets into trouble with the acquisition of the name KC Rekkles

Reckless has not yet put one foot on LFL and you know a small problem that comes to spoil the great party of your hiring. But the Swedish is lucky, he can count on a wonderful executive director who is ready to go to coal in search of his Texas gold. Several intelligent types have changed the name of your League of Legends account to KC Reckless, avoiding the real one to change the name of your account. While he wishes to honor the new team from him who freed him from his prison contracted in G2 Esports, the veteran player is blocked. Hammett is in the act and has shown that he is willing to ride so that everything returns to normal, alternating blows of pressure and promises of gifts. We summarize the case, which at the moment is mostly laughing.

Identity theft in three steps

In League of Legends, the name can only be used by a person. If your pseudonym is already taken, you have to redouble your imagination to vary pleasures: add a number, bend a vowel, replace the letter or by a zero, the letter A for a 4... some will even come to surround your name The mythical and unparalleled XXX. While Reckless wanted to change the name of him in KC Reckless, someone touched on his way, since an intelligent child had already taken the name. Determined as always to find the culprit, Cameo began the search for him and gave us the results of him live and live.

A first player called Mael14901 I had anticipated everything. More than a month ago, when the signing market was uncertain and many teams dreamed of Reckless, he changed the name of his KC Reckless account for fun and by Troll; But seeing that the operation had materialized this week, he suddenly changed his mind for an unknown reason. At the same time, when the first player changed his name, leaving available KC Reckless, a second player called kc mouse, even smarter, jumped to occupy the place. Cameo managed to identify it and I can communicate with him, remembering to make a favorable treatment. Instead of going through the difficult way and ask Riot Games to solve the problem and possibly punish the culprit, he offered a t-shirt signed by Reckless to the second player in exchange for him to change his name. The latter accepted and even sent the credentials of him to Cameo, who lived RPS in the account to change the name to KC Eaton, just to make him pay a bit for the bad joke of him. The problem is that the operation was fully filmed and was done live. A third player that will be called Impostor or ocelot, clearly malicious and in the current, it followed everything. The latter therefore timing the change at the right time to have priority and grab the coveted KC Reckless. It is currently impossible for the moment to find the impostor, but the latter has achieved it. Cameo laughed rather at that time, but if the problem persists, he will eventually get in touch with Riot Games, who will use the difficult way.

Nisqy reacts to Rekkles joining KC

a FIFA, but a show

Obviously, Camel would have done better to get in touch with Riot Games not to take the initiative. If he did not feel like playing, he could also have solved the situation very well in private and out of the current. The second player seemed cooperative and if the impostor had not had the perfect synchronization during the Cameo live, the adventure would have finished there. Even if in history the streamer is a victim, we can even blame it a little. Since it chained the petitions of paw to mock himself about the matter in social networks before throwing the straight of him.

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