Lol-Star wanted to become a world champion 2021, now switches to the 2. League

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Reckless is considered one of the largest European Talent In league of Legends. For 5 years he participated in World Championships and always had the goal of winning them. After a catastrophic season 2021 he now changes to the French LFL.

Wherever Reckless changes? How the organization has announced Carmine Corp, Martin changes Reckless Larsson (25 years old) for the next 2 years to you. The revenue should have more than one million US dollars and, in addition, Reckless should get one million dollars as salary over two years.

Carmine Corp plays in the French league LFL. It basically settles itself directly under the LEC, as some other regional leagues too. The winners of the various regions then fight the title EU Masters in a special tournament. Carmine Corp was finally gaining this.

Incidentally, this title is also the YouTuber Handofblood and its new team Contract Spandau.

How did the career of rec tics? Reckless was over many years the great European talent on the Bot lane and had long years as a goal to win the World Cup:

As early as 2012, he played for the first teams in Lol. These were Playing Ducks and later the second team of Fanatic. After excursions to Copenhagen Wolves and Alliance, he switched to FANATIC in 2015. With this team he played in the Worlds in 2015 and reached a respectable place 3/4. In the following years, Fanatic always participated in the World Cup and even reached second place in 2018. In the final, however, they were subject to the Chinese Team Invictus Gaming. 2021 Reckless then moved to G2 Esports and shaped something like a European Super Team to finally win the Worlds. But that was terribly wrong.

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G2 Esports experienced catastrophic season, almost separates from the whole team

What happened 2021? G2 Esports has been the dominant team in the European LEC in recent years. They were also strong internationally, but not strong enough. In 2019, it was only enough for 2 and 2020 even only for 3/4 place.

As a weak point, the role of Ad-Carrys was made, which was carried out by Perez. He was actually learned Midland, but changed to the Bot lane to place his players caps. Although this was enough to win in Europe, not for the Worlds.

That s why 2021 rec tics were purchased for the season. But his playing style did not fit the rest of the team.

G2 Esports always considered a chaotic team. They have been discussed many risks and just did things that no other team has expected. Reckless is considered rather quiet and focused players. He rather farms a lot to dominate in the endgame instead of playing aggressive early. That just did not fit together.

G2 Esports won nothing in 2021. In the Spring Playoffs it was only enough for 3rd place and in the buzzer playoffs even only for place 4. So they even missed the qualification for the Worlds.

G2 ESPORTS builds 2022 completely: For the new season, G2 Esports is not only separated from Reckless, but also by PLANER MARTIN Miracle Hansen, Support Michael Mike Flour and the Head Coach Fabian Grabby Lehmann.

As a new Boulanger, the Spaniard Victor Flanked is traded viola. Supporter should probably become the player Raphaël Targets Crabbe.

2 other starts return to Europe

While the Super Team G2 ESPORTS is completely rebuilt, Vitality is to build a team of veterans who were changed from Europe to America.

So the players should change Perez and Alphard to Vitality. The team is also the Jungle Self made, which was strong for years at FANATIC.

In Lol, there is allegedly a new Super Team — brings 2 of the best player in Europe


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