No Man's Sky Season System Expeditions As a short drive-Play from the first term again-March-mounted game mode

The British Indie Dropper Hello Games delivers updates to the SF Adventure No Man's Sky and announced that Expeditions (Joint Expedition) has been able to play from Season 1 again.

Expeditions is a new multiplayer game mode that appeared at the end of March 2021 this year.

Play data is independent of the main game and developed with a season system. The operation character is random and all the participating players can enjoy a common journey.

A goal called a milestone is prepared for each season, and various rewards can be acquired by achieving each face. The earned rewards can be received from the mercury consolidation companion in the space anomalies of other save data and can be used in the main game.

It will be re-played this time in all four seasons held so far, each developed as a short version of two weeks. The shortening of shorter is carried out. In Expedition 2, the Normandy aircraft of collaboration with BioWare Action RPG Mass Effect is available.

Expedition 1 (Pioneers): Overseas time November 24-December 7

Expedition 2 (Beachhead / Normandy): December 8-December 21st

Expedition 3 (Cartographers): December 22-January 422

Expedition 4 (Emergence): January 5-January 19, 2022

Expeditions, No Man's Sky, which allows adventures to be adventures for different purposes than campaign stories, are distributed with PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One. Microsoft Store handles Windows 10 PC and XBOX version also supports Xbox Game Pass. Currently, half-price sale is currently underway on each platform that started STEAM.

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