Svensson admits: I have to rethink my behavior

Aggressiveness and intensity, just the often quoted in the presence of Mainz virtues, demands 05-coach BO Venison expressly from his professionals with a view of the pending duel at the VfB Stuttgart. On the one hand a banality, on the other hand also a justified hint. Because: At the latest 1: 1 against Cologne missed (not only) VENISON ex denotes in the 05s. The game, so the football teacher, is therefore suitable to refresh the order of priorities. And: You learn from positive achievements, but from weaker hopefully even more. Specifically, body language and attitude did not like, we have left too large distances, with ball acted too slow. In principle, therefore, see deficits in all areas.

The coach looks still at the beginning, I also have to learn things

Remarkable, however, : Venison admits its own proportion of it untapped. Whether his plan was not implemented because it lacked the players to tension, or if no intensity could arise, because his plan did not handle, the Dane answered so: It was a mixture of both. Also, certain tactical specifications could have been better. You can not reduce it on one thing. Critical thoughts about one's own work, the 42-year-old is still under another aspect: at the next yellow card, Venison expects a game lock. Three yellow cards after 12 match days are too much, I have to rethink my behavior, gives Venison frankly. As a coach, I'm still at the beginning, must also learn things, have areas in which I have to improve. That's one of them. Even if it acted against Cologne for an exceptional situation. According to his own statement, Venison was violently offended by FC assistant coach Kevin McKenna. In some other games, the coach admits, but I've been balance on the playing edge.

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Meanwhile, in Stuttgart, the balance is likely to be complicated in the field in view of the lack of power carrier Stefan Bell (yellow locks) and Dominik Bohr (tendon injury in the thigh). With regard to his personal plans, Venison can not look into the cards as usual at all. Clear favorite on Bells Square as central defender but David Ne meth. Bohr is likely to be replaced centrally before the defense of Leandro Barbara or Anton Stack. In general, Venison says: I'm not happy that important players fail. But I am pleased that now others get their deserved chance. At the same time, the change to a double-six system is not excluded.


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