The best game is the best game that gamers picked up 'PC'

10 Best Games Where You Can PLAY AS GOD The Golden Joystick Awards (also People's PC gaming Award) is a worldwide award ceremony for video games. They reward the most effective video clip games of the year, initially elected by the British public, from currently on online obtainable to all. In 2018, the event is 37 years old, the second-earliest ceremony after the Arcade Honors. Incentives were originally concentrated on PC video games, yet were after that encompassed the console games, because of the success of computer game consoles such as Sega Master System and Sega Huge Drive in the UK.

The one of the fifth Got Awards ceremony, the Golden Joystick Awards, commemorate the 50th anniversary of the game industry, to the gamer, to the gamer, the vote of the best game hardware. The first place in voting is the 'PC', which defines all the powerful console devices, and is a personal computer.

In this vote, PCs achieve 17% of the turnout and climbed to the first place. The second place was a PS2, which accounts for 14%, and Super Famine (9%), PS4 (8%) and PS1 (7%) were back. The reason the PC was able to take up the first place is that it is because it is because it is because it is because it is because it is a single platform, it is advantageous because it is a single platform, do.

The award was awarded the valve gave New well representative to serve steam to secure dominant share in the PC game market. New well representative gamers and developers received a tremendous benefit from the constant innovation of PC game hardware, he said, Thanks to those who made the PC as the best game hardware, and glorified.

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In fact, in a multiplexed game, the PC is hardware that is not falling, and has been observed in terms of performance than the console. Recently, play stations and XBOX monopolies are also available on PCs.


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