These will be the alternative suits of spider

After months of mystery, Square Enix finally gave us our first look at Spider-Man in Marvel s Avengers a few days ago. The arachnid is certainly well, and like the rest of the heroes within this title, it will also be possible to modify the appearance of it with a lot of alternative suits.

Via a publication on your official blog, your authors have shared a look at all the suits that the hero will have within the game and here you can see them:

At the moment we do not know exactly how these suits can be unlocked, although it will surely be the same way in which the others: via character challenges and of course, purchased within the marketplace. Square Enix Accounted that in the future they will reveal additional costumes through their official channels on social networks, so we suggest being aware.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales | ALL 19 suits ranked Spider-Man Legal to Marvel s Avengers next November 30.

Editor s note: Yes, just like Insomniac Games, Crystal Dynamics was inspired by the arachnid comics for the vast majority of their suits. Sure, it will be necessary if he will also have other original outfits within the game, besides that we will surely see the MCU costume inside the Marketplace at some point.


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