Victory against Mainz: VFB succeeds liberation

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At the kick-off of the 13th match day, VfB Stuttgart wins against Mainz 05. For the CFB it is the first victory after four defeats in series. The live ticker for reading.

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The VfB Stuttgart has succeeded in the first victory for almost two months of the long-awaited liberation in the Bundesliga. The Schnabel prevailed on Friday night against PSV Mainz 05 with 2: 1 (1: 1) and stopped their defeat series of three games.

Defender Pirogi Ito brought the CFB with a placed shot in the long corner according to a fantastic combination (21.). For the 22-year-old Japanese it was the first goal in the Bundesliga as well as in the jersey of the Stuttgart. A little later, Mainz defender Alexander Hack (38.) after a corner ball per head of the interim equalization. After the side change Born Sosa hammered the ball from a pointed angle to the gate (51.). For the Assist King it was also the first Bundesliga.

Bundesliga: VfB Stuttgart — PSV Mainz 05 2: 1 — The game in the steno gram

VfB Stuttgart vs. Mainz 05 2: 1 (1: 1)

Stuttgart Vs Mainz Live ???? Gates

| 1: 0 ITO (21.), 1: 1 Hack (38.), 2: 1 SOSA (51.)

Installation Stuttgart

| Müller — Madroños, Anton, Ito — Razor, Sosa — Massimo (85th Silas), Mandala (63rd Klimowicz), End — Forster (63. Marta) — Marmots (82. Stengel)

Position Mainz 05

| Center — Nickname, Hack, Ne meth (75th Stack) — Wider, Barbara (75 Stoner), Aaron — Lee, Boethius — Onside (75. Ingvartsen), Burkhart (75th Scalar)

Yellow cards


Mandala (36th), Sosa (90. + 2.) / Aaron (8.), Boethius (90. + 5.)

Bundesliga, VfB Stuttgart vs. Mainz 05 2: 1 — The Live ticker for reading

Conclusion: The VfB Stuttgart has won the 2021/22 season with 2: 1 against Mainz at the beginning of the 13th game day. After a 1-1 for the break, Sosa scored the playing hit for the hosts in the 51st minute for the hosts, which were in the first half in the meantime with 1: 0 in the lead. Overall, the scarce success of the Swabia goes alright, though Mainz never gave up despite the two-time residue and came to some possibilities. But again and again the PSV failed to ex-mainz-keeper Müller, which is now number 1 in the CFB. Through today's victory, the Stuttgart has now 13 points on the account and temporarily jump in place 13 of the table. The Mainz is in place with 18 meters in place.

VfB Stuttgart vs. Mainz 05: Bundesliga now in the Live tick — Cardiff

    • 5.: Boethius sees the yellow card for his participation in packing.

VfB Stuttgart vs. Mainz 05: Bundesliga now in the Live tick — Yellow card for Boethius

    • 4.: Now the emotions go up again, it comes to a slightly greater packing after a heated discussion between Madroños and Scalar.
    • 2.: Stuttgart Goal Scorer Sosa sees the yellow card because of time games. The Croat had felt forever, forever left for a throw.

VfB Stuttgart vs. Mainz 05: Bundesliga now in the Live tick — Yellow card for Sosa

    • 1.: Referee Hollenbach arranges four minutes of reflection time in the second half.

89.: Bullet! Into wants to take a high ball and bangs the leather from a short distance in the middle of the face of Ingvartsen. Of course, the Dane is then shortly dazed. That was in the truest sense of the word full of twelve.

88.: The just substitute only Silas storms right into the penalty area and comes there in a bug with boats. But referee Hollenbach can continue. There was a slight touch, but the Var step is not one.

87.: Madroños is easily struck after a duel with Lee, but the Greek will continue after a short breather.

85.: The next change at CFB: For Massimo, Silas is now in the game for the final minutes.

VfB Stuttgart vs. Mainz 05: Bundesliga now in Live ticker — change Stuttgart

84.: Scalar shoots a free kick from about 25 meters directly to the gate. The Hungary fails with his attempt at goalkeeper Müller, who safely packs.

82.: For CFB, something the defensive is stabilized. For attackers Marmots Stengel comes into play.

VfB Stuttgart vs. Mainz 05: Bundesliga now in Live ticker — change Stuttgart

80.: Hack just tries about 30 meters with a shot and that's perfect. The ball would have fit right into the corner, but the former Mainer goalkeeper Müller distracts the leather strongly around the post.

79.: The Mainer Lee is played Lin's in the penalty area, and he shoots from a pointed angle towards the short corner. Keeper Müller can secure the ball safely.

75.: The rightly conspicuous Onside goes to the main earnings for a quarter of an hour before the end of the field and is replaced by Ingvartsen. Also, defender Ne meth has at the PSV for today after work, for the Austrian comes the German U21 European Champion Stack into the game. Even Barbara is now out of the guests and for him comes with Stoner a former talent from the CFB offspring. Striker Scalar may now act at the forefront of PSV, the Hungarian Routine comes into play for Burkhart.

VfB Stuttgart vs. Mainz 05: Bundesliga now in the Live ticker — Vierfeechenwecha Mainz

73.: For the main earners, coach Venison will soon make several changes. Among other things, striker Scalar will come into play.

70.: A good 20 minutes are still playing in Stuttgart, the hosts lead against Mainz 2: 1 and CFB Midfielmann Razor fires his teammates later.

67.: The Stuttgart has meanwhile with the leadership in the back somewhat withdrawn and lurk on counterclaims.

63.: At the Stuttgarten Marta comes into play for the rather unobtrusive forester. Also, Mandala has on a little more than an hour of the CFB work. He is replaced by Klimowicz.

VfB Stuttgart vs. Mainz 05: Bundesliga now in Live ticker — Double Change Stuttgart

61.: The Stuttgarten will give the first change right away. Klimowicz and Marta are ready for use shortly.

60.: Boethius packs the hammer from about 20 meters from Hal blinks. The shot of the Dutchman goes only slight thin to the right over the gate.

59.: The Mainz has recovered quite quickly from the renewed residue and the PSV plays again with emphasis.

57.: Again and again Onside can bring himself into final positions, he is so far the most dangerous Mainz on and in the penalty area.

55.: Onside plays the ball from the left in the penalty area across the long post, but there is no teammate. Ito clears the situation for the CFB.

51.: TOOOOOOOOOOOR! VfB Stuttgart — 1. PSV Mainz 05 2: 1! What a bang of Sosa! The Croat is played on the left in the penalty area of ​​Mandala and bangs the ball almost start-up towards the short corner, where the leather carries out via the lower edge of the lath for 2: 1 for the CFB in the network. Goalkeeper Center counted me of a flank and has neglected the short corner.

VfB Stuttgart vs. Mainz 05: Bundesliga now in the Live ticker — Tor Stuttgart

50.: As before the 1: 1, Boethius also brings a corner from the left side to the center. This time is the Stuttgart defense but attentive and can clarify the ball.

47.: Both trainers renounced personnel changes and continues to trust their respective starting formations.

46.: It goes on in Stuttgart.

VfB Stuttgart vs. Mainz 05: Bundesliga now in the Linebacker — beginning 2nd half

Halftime: At the half of the Bundesliga encounter between the VfB Stuttgart and the 1st PSV Mainz 05 it is 1: 1. At first, the hosts came to the game better and fulfilled by ITO with 1: 0 in the lead, later referee Jüllenbeck first also showed the penalty point, as a Center apparent player Madroños supposedly fouled, but revised his decision again after sighting the Var images. After that, the Mainer stabilized, which came to compensation by hack in the 38th minute. The defender hit after a corner. Due to the quite balanced game shares, the draw is fine for the break.

VfB Stuttgart vs. Mainz 05: Bundesliga now in the Live tick — break

    • 1.: Referee Hollenbach arranges three minutes of reflection time in the first half.

44.: In a duel in front of the penalty area, Aaron and Massimo have hurt. Both players curl against pain on the ground and must first be treated.

42.: The Mainer Barbara stops from half-bills from about 22 meters on it, the shot of the Luxembourg is just about a meter right past the gate.

38.: TOOOOOOOOOOOR! VfB Stuttgart — 1. PSV Mainz 05 1: 1! Hack beats after a corner! After a corner of the Mainz from the left side to the short post, Sosa jumps on the short post under the ball and headed behind Hack the leather short distance to the 1: 1 compensation for the PSV in the right corner.

VfB Stuttgart vs. Mainz 05: Bundesliga now in the Live ticker — Gate Mainz

37.: Onside once more can conclude in the penalty area, it stops on about 14 meters from Hal blinks on it. Madroños throws himself into the shot and block it consistently into the goal.

36.: Stuttgart's Mandala looks yellow because he prevented the quick execution of a free-kick for Mainz.

VfB Stuttgart vs. Mainz 05: Bundesliga now in the Live tick — yellow card for Mandala

32.: A stiffened edge from the left by Aaron ensures some risk in the penalty area. At the long post Keeper Müller ultimately comes with the fist to the ball and can clarify it from the danger area.

30.: The VfB Stuttgart shows up after the recently withdrawn penalty unimpressed and simply plays forward.

26.: But no penalty for the CFB! Center came out of the gate at a free kick for the CFB and farted the ball away. But he also met opponent Carpools. Referee Hollenbach first decided on penalty, but made this decision reverse after sighting the Var images. In fact, the center has actually spotted the ball away and then first caught his opponent.

25.: Penalty for Stuttgart! Center comes with a free-kick for the CFB, which flies in the penalty area, ruthlessly from his gate and then does not meet the ball when trying to fly away it, but the face of opponent Madroños. Referee Hollenbach decides after a short consideration on penalty for the CFB.

22.: The leadership hit for CFB is well-earned due to the previous gameplay. The Swabia already had a top chance through Marmots in the initial minutes.

21.: TOOOOOOOOOOOOOR! VfB Stuttgart — 1. PSV Mainz 05 1: 0! Ito meets exactly! The Japanese will be operated on the left in the penalty area of ​​Mandala and then ITO will turn the ball over about eleven meters into the long corner. Keeper Center is still easy with the fingertips and can not prevent the opposite goal.

VfB Stuttgart vs. Mainz 05: Bundesliga now in the Live ticker — Tor Stuttgart

17.: Already again Mainz striker Onside comes right freely in the penalty area to the shot, this time he refers to about nine meters quite clearly. The ball goes to the left in the side.

15.: Razor comes a bit surprisingly on the left at the penalty area to the ball, and he does not torch long, just keep from about 19 meters volley on it. The shot of the Stuttgart er goes about half a meter over the gate.

12.: Now the Mainz also have their first goalkeeping. Onside comes to the right on the right in the penalty area from about 13 meters. Keeper Müller, who used to kick in Mainz, can ward off the shot of the Austrian and secure the ball in follow-up.

11.: The hosts dominate this initial phase, with ball possession for Mainz proper pressure and conquer some balls in the opposing half of the game. Mainz looks visibly impressed, the PSV does not work too much.

8.: The Mainz Aaron looks for a hard boarding in midfield against Razor the first yellow card of today's encounter. The Spaniard stepped his opponent with stretched leg towards thighs.

VfB Stuttgart vs. Mainz 05: Bundesliga now in the Live tick — Yellow card for Aaron

7.: The Stuttgart's are in the initial phase on the pusher and had just by Marmots already a top chance on the early leadership.

3.: Almost the 1: 0! Marmots storms left into the penalty area, leaves Ne meth and shoots from about eight meters to the gate. Keeper Center just gets the fingertips to the ball and can steer him with a strong reflex over the latte.

1.: Let's start in Stuttgart.

VfB Stuttgart vs. Mainz 05: Bundesliga now in the Live tick — kick-off

Before starting: is the game of referee Matthias Jolene.

Before starting: In the preseason, the Bundesliga duel between Stuttgart and Mainz was a clear thing for the CFB. The Swabia first won on the 2nd match day with 4: 1 in Mainz and then on the 19th match day at home with 2: 0.

Before starting: For the Mainz, there was last after all, a point in the Bundesliga. The PSV brought a 1: 1 draw against the 1st FC Cologne. First, Burkhart introduced the Mainer in the 41st minute, shortly after the beginning of the second half of the Can for the Cologne.

Before starting: At the past game day, the VfB Stuttgart had to be beaten away in the Bundesliga in Dortmund with 1: 2. Massimo scored the interim equalizer for the Swabia after a good hour, for which BVB met paint and Zeus.

Before starting: It is significantly better for the Mainz. The PSV has already collected 18 meters, and therefore, the eleven of Coach Venison is ranked 8 of the Bundesliga table before the 13th match day.

Before starting: The Stuttgart came very weakly in the current season, after twelve encounters only ten points in the account and are currently on the descent relegation place.

Before starting: In the table of the Bundesliga, there are eight points between today's counterparties VfB Stuttgart and the 1st PSV Mainz 05 for the previous twelve match days.

Before the start: CFB there are compared to the 1: 2 defeat in Dortmund only a change in the starting lineup. Instead, Culinary Marmots moves into the team. Mainz also rotates according to the 1: 1 played against Cologne only very little. Instead, Bell and Bohr Ne meth and Barbara are new to the team of PSV.

Before the start: Mainz plays in the following formation: Center — Ne meth, Hack, Nickname — Wider, Barbara, Aaron, Lee, Boethius — Onside, Burkhart.

Before the start: Stuttgart runs on the following eleven: Müller — Madroños, Anton, Ito — Razor, Sosa, Massimo, Mandala, End, Rangers — Marmots.

Before the start: The personnel battered VfB Stuttgart hoping to last three defeats in a series on the possible comeback of Silas Atom Mumps after überstandenem torn ACL. Mainz adjusts to a tough fight and I will contrast it with aggressiveness and intensity according to coach BO Venison.

Before the start: The opening match of the 13th Bundesliga match day will now kick off at 20.30 in the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Stuttgart.

Before the start: Hello and welcome to live Scores of the Bundesliga match between VfB Stuttgart and Mainz 05th

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VfB Stuttgart vs. Mainz 05: Bundesliga now in Live Scores — The lineups

VfB Stuttgart: F. Müller — Madroños, Anton, Ito — Razor, Sosa — Massimo, Mandala, W. End — P. Rangers — Marmots Mainz 05: Center — Ne meth, Hack, Nickname — Wider, Barbara, Aaron — Lee, Boethius — Onside, Burkhart

VfB Stuttgart vs. Mainz 05: Bundesliga today live on TV and live stream

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Bundesliga: The table in front of the 13th match day

Place | Team | Games | Goals | Difference | Points - 1 | Bayern Munich | 12 | 41: 13 | 28 | 28 2 | Borussia Dortmund | 12 | 30: 18 | 12 | 27

3 | SC Freiburg | 12 | 18: 11 | 7 | 22 4 | Bayer Leverkusen | 12 | 25: 17 | 8 | 21 5 | 1. FC Union Berlin | 12 | 19: 17 | 2 | 20 6 | VFL Wolfsburg | 12 | 14: 14 | 0 | 20 7 | RB Leipzig | 12 | 23: 13 | 10 | 18 8 | 1. PSV Mainz 05 | 12 | 16: 12 | 4 | 18 9 | For Mönchengladbach. | 12 | 17: 14 | 3 | 18 10 | 1899 Cofferdam | 12 | 21: 17 | 4 | 17 11 | Eintracht Frankfurt | 12 | 14: 16 | -2 | 15 12 | 1. FC Cologne | 12 | 18: 21 | -3 | 15 13 | VFL Bochum | 12 | 10: 19 | -9 | 13 14 | Bertha BSC | 12 | 12: 26 | -14 | 13 15 | FC Augsburg | 12 | 11: 21 | -10 | 12 16 | VfB Stuttgart | 12 | 16: 22 | — 6 | 10 17 | Armenia Bielefeld | 12 | 9: 18 | -9 | 9 18 | Sprig Reuther Fürth | 12 | 8: 33 | -25 | 1


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