Wounds of Eventide, the new update of blasphemous, arrives on December 9 to all platforms

Blasphemous: Wounds of Eventide - Official Animated Trailer The latest free update of blasphemous, titled Wounds of Eventide, will reach all the platforms next December 9, as Team17 announced during the Golden Joystick Awards.

Advertised in August of this year, Wounds of Eventide is the final episode of the acclaimed game of The Game Kitchen, the Civilian study that is already working in Blasphemous II. At the moment there is not much information about this expansion, free like The Stir of Dawn and Strife and Ruin, the two previous ones; However, in the reel prepared Team17 for Golden Joysticks you can see some fragments of expansion. You have it up here, about the second 50.

We will have to wait for more information to be published in these two weeks missing for the launch, but at the moment some very suggestive environments are seen (what looks like the helmet of a ship, for example) and a boss, a great snake, What paints as well as the rest of the enemies who are facing in the game.

From the sequel, on the other hand, we do not know anything beyond that it will come out in 2023.

Published in 2019, Blasphemous has been one of the great international successes that have come from Spanish studies in recent years. It was a success in Kickstarter, where it was financed in 2017, and managed to draw the attention of a publisher as Team17, with whom he ended up leaving; Earlier this year we learned that we had sold one million copies, an incredible amount for an independent study. Of all this experience came out of Blasphemous, a documentary in which the history of the study and the project is filmed, combining homemade recordings with interviews with the team.


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