Activision Blizzard: Many layoffs at Warzone

Even MORE Layoffs & SNUBBED By Game Awards | It's Getting WORSE For Activision Telephone Call of Duty (brief COD) is a video game collection of the United States Author Activision from the category of the ego shooter. The gamer typically takes control of the role of a soldier in a war scenario. The initial title of the collection, developed by Infinity Ward, was released in the autumn of 2003 and plays in World War II. Later titles lie in contemporary or futuristic, but typically make believe circumstances. In enhancement to the primarily straight solitary gamer campaign, the various multiplayer choices create a primary focus of the collection. New video games are published in an annual rhythm, most just recently called Telephone call of Obligation: Lead (2021). The collection is among the largest and most successful video game franchises. By November 2009, more than 55 million games were offered, making the collection complete earnings of even more than $3 billion. In 2011, even more than 500 developers functioned at the Call of Duty brand. Along with Infinity Ward, the Studios Trey arch and Sledgehammer Games coming from Activision are responsible for the advancement of brand-new parts, there are various other developer studios of Activision, which supports for advancement.

The responsible persons of Activision Blizzard have released several employees again, and in the next few days, more employee will be added.

In detail, staff of Raven software is affected from the quality assurance, which were also involved in the development of Call of Duty: War zone. Over a third of the department has now lost his job.

Become more money promised, then fired

That at Activision Blizzard currently does not run all around, the many headlines around CEO Bobby Kick and the Miserable working atmosphere made clear in the last weeks and months. And even with the redundancies of Raven software, Activision has not shown its best side.

For a long time you have promised higher salaries for a long time, including the events of the past. Although some contract staff had a full-time job offered including more money offered, the rest was released. Until the 28 . January 2022 If the fired employees still have to work, because their contract ends on this day.

Employees of Raven Software lay down the work

As a sign of the protest against the many layoffs, several employees of the War zone developers have been resting their work for several hours on Monday. In an open letter, the time of decision is criticized. According to the team of Raven Software, the last five weeks were shaped by overtime. And at the end of the year, the employees of Crunch go out.

Evan Villanova is one of the released employees of Raven Software. In a statement he expressed himself to the situation:

Our team is destroyed and absolutely nobody still wants to work here, even if you get a promotion. I wanted to go anyway, because of the bad reputation, the Activision last got and I did not want to support this company anymore. In my opinion it is Embarrassing to work for Activision.

Source: Washington Post, Kodak

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