Bioshock 4: Antarctic direction in 2022?

Announced in December 2019, the next Bios hock remains draped in a thick mystery. However, it seems that the first leaks occurred on the side of Cloud Chamber, the new studio founded by 2k Games to revive the franchise to the 38 million copies sold.


According to the information by Journalist Colin Moriarty and the sources of the NGC site, the next Bios hock would take place in a fictitious city in Antarctica during the 1960s. This new city named Boreal is would succeed in Rapture, the city built in the depths of the ocean. Atlantic that we explore in Bios hock and Bios hock 2, and in Columbia, the lost city in the clouds of Bios hock Infinite. Narrative, Bios hock 4 (whose code name is Park side) would not be afraid to weave links with previous games of the series, we say. Other information reported and not least: 2K and Cloud Chamber aim for a launch in 2022.

Remember that the future of Bios hock is written without its main creator, Ken Levine, who also works for 2K games but as creative director for the first game of the Ghost Story Games studio, which will likely be an immersive simulation. The Bios hock 4 team includes many veterans from the franchise, including the Jonathan Selling Design Director, the Creative Director Hogarth of the plant and the Scott Sinclair Artistic Director.


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