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Also for cod War zone applies: The correct graphics settings can have a big impact on your gameplay. If you are important to win as many Battle Royal Rounds as possible, you should try to get as many FPS as possible. Mango tells you the best settings for it.

Call of Duty: War zone has a very extensive settings menu. These settings often make only a small difference in the game, but just in the intensive gameplay on the new Map Caldera a great effect.

WARZONE: The BEST SETTINGS TO USE For CALDERA! (WARZONE PACIFIC BEST SETTINGS) What are fps? Especially important for multiplayer shooters are your FPS (frames per-second). They tell you how many pictures produced and displays your PC per second. The more pictures are displayed per second, the more liquid is the picture — and all the easier it is to react in a shooter and to target precisely.

Below we call you the best settings for each point in the graphic option menu of COD War zone. These recommendations help you to get the most FPS out of your PC. If the optics of the game should be more important than the absolute maximum of FPS, you can customize these settings as needed.

The best graphic settings: Display

Display mode: full screen Display monitor: Your best gaming monitor graphics card: Your (best) graphics card Refresh rate: The maximum of your monitor Render resolution: 100% (for poor performance also possible: 75%) Dynamic Resolution: Disabled Target image repeat frequency Dynamic resolution: 60 (if dynamic resolution is deactivated, this setting has no effect) Image format: Automatic Image Synchronization (V-Sync): Off (An when Your Monitor does not support G-Sync or Free sync) own limitation of the refresh rate: own Own image repeat limit in the game: 2 less than the maximum refresh rate of your monitor. For a 144Hz monitor, you take 142, with a 240Hz monitor 238 and so on. The explanation provides Blockbusters (via Blockbusters). This recommendation does not apply to 60Hz monitors. With them, you should use 'unlimited'. Own menu image repeat limit: 60 Own image repeat limit outside the focus: 30 Brightness: Individual (uses the configurator by clicking the small box with the arrow to the left of the brightness number) Display Gamma: 2.2 (RGB) NVIDIA Highlights : Off NVIDIA Reflex for Low Latency: Enabled + Boost (must be supported by your graphics card)

Why these settings? These settings assume that you use a Gaming Monitor with Variable Refresh Rate (VAR, i.e. G-Sync or Free sync). Gaming monitors with high repetition rate and VAR are a very good investment for players who want to get their maximum from their gameplay. Mango has an overview of the current best gaming monitors.

The best graphic settings: quality

field of view: individual Recommendation: 90, 103, 110 or 120. A detailed explanation of how you find the right setting for you, we have in our Vanguard Settings Guide. Target device field of view: influenced Camera movement: least — 50%

Details & Textures

Streaming quality : low Texture Resolution: Low (for even more FPS: very low)

Anisotropic texture filter: low Particle quality: low Bullet holes & sprays: Activated TESSELLATION: Deactivated Joint & Parts Effects: Enabled Texture Streaming on Polling: Disabled

Post processing

Film Strength: 0.00 noise: 0.00 NVIDIA DSS: balanced (must be supported by your graphics card. For more FPS: performance or ultra-performance) Antialiasing : Off (if your graphics card does not support NVIDIA DSS) Depth of field: Disabled World motion blur: Disabled Weapon motion blur: Disabled

Shadow & lighting

Shadow Map Resolution : low Route slip buffers: Disabled Sun shadow buffers: Disabled Particle lighting: low DirectX-RayTracing: Disabled Envelope Cover: Disabled Screen Space Reflection (SSR): Disabled

Why these settings? If you put a lot of value on your own performance in a multiplayer shooter, you should also attach great importance to the performance of your game. This means that the graphical quality should be reduced to its own acceptance minimum — that gives you most fps.

So you see your FPS in Cod War zone

How do I see my fps? To see how many FPS you have in the COD War zone, you have to activate an ad in the game. That's is quite easy.

Enables the setting Pictures per Second (FPS) counter. You will find this in the options' menu under the tab Option. For the category System it is the same the first setting.

As soon as you have activated the FPS counter, you see a small display in the screen corner at the top left.

How many fps should I have? As a minimum you should try to get to stable 60 fps. But already 100 fps are a significant improvement — even if your monitor can not show that. If you have only one 60Hz monitor, you should therefore not set the image repeat frequency in the graphics settings.

Optionally you want as many FPS as possible. If you have a monitor with variable Refresh rate, you should set a value 2 frames under your maximum repetition rate as recommended in the option Limitation of the image repeat frequency as recommended.

So much about our recommendations on the best settings in COD War zone. Do you still know a secret trick we have overlooked? How much fps do you get on average? And what is your favorite setting for the field of view? Let's know us in the comments.

Speaking field: PC players from COD War zone should be very happy to appreciate that you can set your field of view. War zone players on consoles are currently very unfortunate that they still need to use a field of view of 80.


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