Collection type RPG 'Armia: God of Destiny' December 9

Five Cross Games (5x Games) said on December 9, Anemia: We are going to start a new formal service of destiny.

Aria: The god of destiny is a collection of various hero characters, a collection of gorgeous fantasies, a gorgeous fantasy, a gorgeous field, and a hero character that represents the world, which is divided into five areas. In addition to the main story dungeon, you can enjoy a variety of contents, including arguments, and the guilds, and have been in advance since September 27th.

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The Five Cross Games official is a policy to effort to form a positive image to users as Armia as the first title of Five Cross Games. To this end, we will reward it as a good operating service.

Aria: The new pre-reservation event of destiny is held on December 7, and more details related to events and games can be found through the official café.


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