Complete Play Free Multiplayer Dragon Battle Century: Age of Ashes Dent by Steam

France Indie Game Developer Playing Ltd started Steam delivery of Multiplayer Dragon Battle Century: Age of Ashes.

Century: Age of Ashes STEAM Installation Process (Free To Download) Multiplayer Game for Low-End PC????

This work is a battle game that can dragon and enjoy the air battle and enjoy the air battle. We will shoot down the rivals by making full use of dragon flames and snowy mountains.

Dragons have three classes of guardian and disturbance windward, follower of tracking and destruction, surprising and trap phantom, and additional classes will be introduced in the future. Also, unlocking skin with experience points, dragons and dragon knights are customizable.

Three game plays. Brawl Like Gate of Flame is available, and 3 to 3 to 6 to 6 solo multiplayer is possible.

Brawl: 6V6 killing arena, let's show hell to enemies using the power-up that appears. Dragon Rider Style Team Death Match!

Gate of Flames: Two teams are a unique mode that matches flags. Get points through the gates placed in the arena in your hand in hand!

Looking: Protecting your army's gold and capturing gold from an enemy team with a powerful dragon and enemy team while responding to unexpected development!

Century: Age of Ashes is distributed by Steam. Play is completely free, and in-game purchase is only dressed up. Three packs of Century-Wyvern Founder's Pack, Century-Leviathan Founder's Pack, Century-Behemoth Founder's Pack, which can be obtained by experience value booster, gem, skin, etc., are on sale.


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