DRDISRESPECT nominated as a streamer of the year - exaggerated twitch

The Streamer Guy Dr disrespect beautifully suffers 2021 under the consequences of the Twitch ban. So he was nominated for a prize as Streamer of the Year 2021, but was cut out at the award ceremony. Now he is hurt. He says he wants nothing more about the Esport Awards. He was an important part of the price in recent years.

Which price was it?

In addition to the The Game Awards of Geoff Kafka, there are the Esports Awards. The show took place on 20 November 2021. The price has a strong focus on E-Sport and Content Creation. Many prices go to the scenes around League of Legends and CS for year. It was 12 streamer for the price of the Streamer of the Year 2021 nominated, including the prominence of YouTube and Twitch such as QC, Valkyrie, Summit1g, Courage, Shroud and also Dr disrespect.

The price won at the end of the Spanish-speaking streamer IAI.

The 2019 Tempest Esports Business Awards DISRESPECT may no longer be seen on Twitch — ruining the award ceremony

What was the special with DISRESPECT? In the performance, the streamer were shown personally with face and how they stream.

At Dr disrespect, the streamer himself was not visible, but only his gameplay.

This was especially noticeable in the show because the streamer in front of and after Dr disrespect each personally focused on their imagination clips, while at Dr disrespect the star of the clip seems to be a sniper rifle:

DISRESPECT must not take place on Twitch — not even with other channels

Why was that? DISRESPECT was banned 2020 by Twitch. Therefore, he should not officially take place on Twitch, not even on the channels of others.

Anyone who interacts with DISRESPECT in his own stream and shows him or to speak him can be banned by Twitch. The rule has been criticized more often than exaggerated, but twitch has even strengthened it in September 2020.

Because the eSports awards were broadcast live over Twitch, the team has apparently decided not to show the face of Dr disrespect.

So it was earlier: For earlier award ceremonies of the eSports Award, Dr disrespect was always one of the most important people during the shows. The two-meter man was sitting in the audience, received prizes, held talking. He was one of the fix points of the show for years (via YouTube).

DISRESPECT makes clear: Awards played credibility

This is how Dr disrespect responds: It has ended all contact with the eSports awards and says he does not want to do anything with the show. You should not mention him anymore on social media and leaving completely out of all.

He says he had a good run with the awards for years, but those now played all credibility.

The ESPORTS AWARDS react: They say, for them was Doc the biggest. He raised the bar for streamers. The decision of DISRESPECT to end all the relationship with the price would meet.

It is known that the otherwise cool and strongly occurring DISRESPECT still has great problems to digest the Twitch-Bann:

Dr Disrespect does not clear on the Twitch spell, has real problems


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