Dying Light 2 finally reaches gold status after several shifts and problems

Image for all zombie fans: It's so far. Dying Light 2: Stay Human has reached the gold status. What does that mean again? Quite simply: The game is now officially finished and ready to be pressed on discs. So there is nothing in the way of publication on February 4th. Finally — after the development did not run all round and the release date has been postponed several times. We summarize the whole thing again for you.

Dying Light 2 Early Access - My Early Thoughts | Everything You Need To Know ( PC & PS4 ) Gold status after problematic development

It's about it: As INSIZEXBOX.DE reported, Dying Light 2 has now reached gold status now, so it's ready to press Discs. So we can — this time — as planned on 4 . February on Xbox One, Series X, PS4 and PS5 beating with a zombie-plagued Open World. Some fans are likely to breathe now, because the development was not always under a good star.

Release was planned for 2020: The development team Tech land originally wanted to send us 2020 in the next zombie apocalypse. That it is now two years later, is not about. The development phase was plagued by various problems.

The work at the game went ahead and many people who were involved even left the studio. An insider report, where both anonymous employees and the CEO came to speak, called a chaotic leadership style, poor working conditions and sexism as causes, among other things.

Displacement to 2021: After several shifts, a release was planned in December 2021. But this date could not be met. However, Studio CEO Panel Marched fans made hopes for the announcement of the new delay. He explained that it was just about the fine cut. This does not seem to have been understatement.

Here you can watch a trailer to match:

Developer team is facilitated

Well, since the zombie shooter has reached gold status and the publication is in dry towels, Lead-Designer Tyson Smetana relates to words:

We are very excited and now have the feeling that it actually happens! After so many years of hard work, we are looking forward to the publication of Dying Light 2: Stay Human.

It was clear from the beginning that it is an extremely ambitious project that focuses on a living open world and the story, which seems to be able to influence players too greatly. So we can see if Dying Light 2 can ultimately comply with his promises despite the difficult development phase.

Are you facilitated that the gold status has been reached? Did you already worry about what the release is concerned?


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