EA worked on a large MMO to Harry Potter - but entertained completely

The great publisher and developer EA seemed to work for about 20 years ago on a large MMO in the Harry Potter universe, but this was then set out of unimaginable reasons. We believe of Mango together.

Which game did EA do? In conversation was an MMO in the Harry Potter Universe. The game should also have content, content and combine them with online content. How to look exactly in the game is not explained.

It is conceivable, individual missions that are played alone or with a group mixed with certain hub areas where you can meet multiple players. But that is speculative at this point.

Where does the information come from? In an interview on the YouTube channel Original Gamer Life, Kim Salver talks about the game and disappointment that it did not come about.

Salver worked, according to your LinkedIn profile, from 2000 to 2003 as Director of Product Marketing at EA. So we can assume that the information about the Harry Potter game is right.

How far was the development? Analytically not very far. Salver tells in the video that they have already conducted surveys and had a rough plan, as the game could look like.

She also tells you that you and your team convinced that the title can be successful. But that EA ultimately decided to set the project, she will be a pity as she mentioned in the interview.

We did not think the brand established

Why were the work set? At the time the MMO was in planning, the Harry Potter brand was comparatively fresh. In July 1997, the first book Harry Potter and the Stein of the Ways appeared.

In 2001, the first movie adaptation of the books followed and had great success. However, EA apparently thought that this success will not be of great duration and therefore decided to set the MMO.

We did not think that the brand can be established and be successful for more than one or two years, says Salver in the interview. That was probably the justification of EA, why the team had to put the work on the MMO.

The most important part of the interview can you see here:

History of the Harry Potter Minecraft MMORPG (2013-2021) How did the intern? According to their own statements, the team was very disappointed with salts about the cancellation of the title. We have already made surveys and worked with children, which was really fun. [...] I was convinced that the game can be a success.

She also talks about the game when her interview partner asks which game in her career would have helped her particularly. Salver then says that it should be a Harry Potter-MMO, and she was really looking forward to it.

There are a lot of reasons why a Harry Potter-MMO could go down, but longevity of the brand is none of it

How does the community react? A section of the interview with salts was divided on Reddit in a thread, which got 6,729 up votes and 1,392 comments within 20 hours.

These comments are mixed nature. Many seem to be sure that an MMORPG had been down at that time and the decision to kill the MMO was a good one.

Other voices say that they are glad about the decision of EA, since otherwise maybe no Star Wars would have given: The Old Republic.

The discussions under the post are far-reaching into different topics. One thing they are only with one thing: the reason for the demolition of the game. Because today, about two decades later, it is clear that the brand Harry Potter could establish very well.

What the fans say? In the said thread on Reddit there is a lively discussion with a lot of input. We want to rough the mood for you.

Question2552 writes: I think if there was really a Harry Potter-MMO at that time, it would have become a terrible disappointment. SO2017 If the game still wishes today: Even the children live in the elementary school of my daughter and breathe Harry Potter. There is definitely a niche for such a game, and it's great. With more humor it takes PM Me Cute sm1le: An MMO would never have worked, we'll be honest. Which weapons except wands and even more wands should there be? There are no levels 100 dragon skin armor in the Harry Potter Universe.

Finally, it is certainly say that you have to have worried about the longevity of the brand Harry Potter. The first book alone sold over 120 million times, which makes it one of the best-selling books of all time.

How do you see it? Would you have been pleased 20 years ago about a Harry Potter-MMO or are you also thinking that the shot had ran backwards? Write us in the comments here at Mango. That a Harry Potter license alone does not reach alone, Pokémon Go-developer Ni antic had to find, because Harry Potter: Wizards Unite dies and closes his servers.


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