GranBlue Fantasy Relink confirms an output on Steam for 2022

After a whole year in the kitchen, as announced by Games early January, Gran blue Fantasy Relink finally interrupts his radio silence to celebrate as it owes the anniversary of the franchise during the Gran blue Fantasy Festival. And renew the objective of a current world exit 2022, by sliding a steam version alongside the PS4 and PS5 grinds.

For this new appearance of a game that the ad goes to 2016 all the same, the publisher split a new trailer. In particular, we insist on facial animations, but also on the presence of a certain Roman, a new character who will accompany you in the world of Zegagrande throughout the solo. This character lined by Hiroshi Kamila (Levi in ​​ Attack on Titan ) was already appearing in the main visual of the game.

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As the Games recalls, the game will be articulated around a main quest to go solo, with the help of characters controlled by the computer (including Charlotte and Omaha), and secondary quests playable up to four in multi Coop, which will mainly be used to fill up with resources and XP. Three modes of difficulty are announced for this ambitious beat'em up fantasy for a long time broken by platinum games, before the development is internally repatriated.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Brand New Promotional Trailer!! Coming 2022 For PS4/PS5 And Steam!! Video Gamut

Gran blue Fantasy Relink — Teaser Trailer 2021


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