Keanu Reeves is very excited about the fact that the modaja had sex with his character in Cyberpunk 2077

All participants in game development do not necessarily see modification, unofficial editing of games, as a positive thing. However, otherwise, it seems to be Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves.

Reeves played in the cyberpunk 2077 game published in the last year, named Johnny Silver hand, which served as a kind of traveling partner to a player controlled by the player. With eager modes, informal ways were imported to enable the main character to engage in sex with Silver hand. The developed CD Project Red Studio was not excited, so the mode was removed from the popular modals site.

The Verge site is challenged by Reeves and his driver CARRIE-ANN MOSS discuss, for example, discussing the MATRIX Restrictions movie and PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series, and the MARX SERIES consoles for the Matrix Sees console. One of the tedious roots concerned the gaming that Reeves do not tell him, and he has not tried to star in cyberpunk 2077. I've seen presentations, but I have never played it, he says.

However, the above-mentioned mode will get reeves enthusiasts and raise their hands into the air enthusiastic. Removing this editing from the charging site, on the other hand, gets a disappointed exclamation. Oh Creator, it's always nice when it's nice, a man commented on the attention they received.

Cyberpunk 2077: You Can't Have Sex With Keanu Anymore - IGN Daily Fix The conversation that follows the potential VR-sex experiences in relation to Reeves. The proportion of cyberpunk 2077 starts at 16:48.

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