Streamer Ludwig changes from Twitch to YouTube, is banned after 3 days

Ludwig Göransson (Linköping, Sweden, September 1, 1984) is an author, arranger, artist and Swedish musical manufacturer. His work on soundtracks includes Fruit vale Station, Creed and his continuation Creed II, Poison, Tenet and the Black Panther tape, which got a Grammy Award for Finest Soundtrack, a Oscar Award in the same classification and an election to the Golden balloons. He is additionally identified for his deal with the soundtracks of the Community Collection, Satisfied Ends, New Woman and The Mandalorian. As a producer, he has actually often collaborated with Childlike Gambino, producing his Camp Workshop Albums, Since The Net and Awaken, My Love! He produced the solitary of Gambino this is America obtaining important acclamation and a range of awards. For the song he obtained two Grammy Awards for the finest recording and the most effective track of the year, respectively. As a whole, his job with Gambino has earned him six nominations to the Grammy.

The former Twitch Streamer Ludwig Ludwig Agree (26) has been official YouTube streamer for three days. Now he was banned directly by YouTube after three days. Mango reveals you what happened there.

Ludwig Agree left his original platform — Twitch with a laughing and a crying eye. He said he does not feel valued and loved by Twitch.

The 26-year-old delighted previously hundreds of thousands of subscribers on Twitch with his streams. It was probably the most famous by his sunbath, which someday was such that Ludwig even banned spectators who had spent too much money.

Ludwig LEAVES TWITCH For YouTube,

In his twitch streams, Ludwig, especially Pokémon, Valorant and Chess. Otherwise, he just squatted in just chatting with his 20,000 to 30,000 spectators.

Ludwig was banned during his live streams

Ludwig started in his info video about the spell: Do you want to see something funny? He giggled embarrassed. It's my third day on YouTube, and I was banned by the stream, Ludwig continued as he showed that he was banned.

Agree then explained what did him gave him.

Ludwig wanted to look at the 50 classic YouTube videos of all time with his spectators to find out which in place number 1 lungs.

Meanwhile, he came across a children's video with the Baby Shark Dance (via YouTube), which so far could collect 9.7 billion views. According to his own statements, Agree heard a few seconds, but that led to his spell in the middle of the stream.

He realized that the DMCA guidelines is probably worrying than he painted out.

Due to YouTube reliable ID system, I thought that they hear me while I play copyright music and claim this section for themselves. And they would take the monetization from the LiveStream, and we would share the merit. But Baby Shark does not work, they bother you directly.


Ludwig has never been banned on Twitch in the first four years, but he will take the experience and knows for the next time.

Streams are interrupted when copyright content is discovered, so YouTube in the e-mail that received Ludwig. If no copyright material is streamed more, the stream is reactivated, then it continues.

Agree suspects that he could go live on Saturday, the 04th of December, and everything will be okay.

He finished the video and now promised to be a good person — that will not happen again. Ludwig apologizes ironic to have 20,000 views of the 9.7 billion of baby shark stolen. You can see again on Saturday.

What do you think about the system on YouTube? Do you still remember The Old Times, where everyone could upload what he wanted? Or can you find it good that the authors can now claim to videos and people can draw? Write us in the comments.

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