The best MMO Pokémon created by fans

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Since Red and Green came out for the first time in 1996 (now anyone feels his age?), Fans have created their own versions of popular games Pokémon. The models ROM have become very popular and there that have gained a huge success as Liquid Crystal. Particularly ambitious Pokémon fans have also started making MMOs for the series that became as popular as the original ROM models. Many of these MMOs make games more realistic by making them more social. Here are some of the best Pokémon MMO currently available. This list has no particular order or ranking, and many of these games are still in active development but are functional.

Pokémon Revolution Online

Pokémon Revolution in line is probably the most popular of all the games on this list. One thing that is unique about it is that it can run on the Android operating system. Players can pick the game on a PC or Mac or on an Android smart device. PRO is constantly increasing. The game itself is one of the best Pokémon MMO currently available. It presents the region of Kant, Photo and Horn and all their Pokémon native and gyms.

This game has a ton of great features, including a lot of customization. In this game, your character looks like the playable characters of IV generation games but has a ton of customization allows players to have unique sprites to use in the game. As expected of an MMO based on Pokémon, this game has PVP. Trading, and many events in the game, including seasonal events.

The game closely follows the history of the original games while presenting MMORPG elements. The artistic style used for the game uses a lot of the official content for reference, but the majority of the art, including the game sprites, is fully customized. This becomes very apparent as the seasons change in the game.


Pokemon is somewhat a rival Pokémon Revolution Online. As PRO Pokemon is available on PC devices, Linux, Mac and Android. The Pokemon installation takes a little work. Apart from the customer base for the game, players must acquire ROM from the original games. One thing that is nice is that all Pokemon ROM are optional. Players can choose the original Pokémon game to play in an MMO setting. The game can now use the ROM for black, white, red light, emerald, platinum, gold heart and soul money. Players simply need to point the game client to one of these ROMs to start.

Once the players in the game follow the story as a normal Pokémon game with a ton of new features and character customization options. The game features PVP and options trading and regular tournaments. As PRO Pokemon proposes changing seasons. Seasons change each month, changing catch rates and appearance of several Pokémon and allow access to new areas. Pokemon also some mods to improve the game experience as a mod that uses 3D sprites games later in combat.

Pokémon Planet

Pokémon Planet may be the oldest Pokémon MMO with a player base steadily increasing. He appears regularly in the main Google Trends and YouTube search results. During its five years of existence, the game has greatly developed and improved. While all current art is based on the official art of the Pokémon franchise, the majority of them is original, including Pokémon sprites. Planet operates much like a traditional RPG with leveling systems for things like fishing and mining for players. Currently, Pokémon Planet offers vanilla regions original games, but the creator is supposed to work on a single region for the MMO.

There are events and global bonus being in the game. The community is generally friendly and players can organize into teams or clans to play together. The user interface of the game is very crisp and clear, which facilitates control of the game and access to its functionality. This game is very simple and easy to understand even for those new to MMORPGs. This game also offers a list of achievements that players must aim as they play.

Unlike other entries in this list, Planet is based on a browser, so it can be read just about anywhere with an up-to-date browser and a decent Wi-Fi connection. This does not apply to mobile browsers, unfortunately, this game is not compatible with some of the most common mobile web browsers, but it could change in a future update.

Top 5 Pokemon MMO's 2021!

Pokémon MMO 3D

Pokémon MMO 3D is a unique title on this list. The game is entirely in 3D instead of having a sprite aspect from top to bottom like most other Pokémon games. The game runs on the Unity engine and has many rough edges. The graphics are not great, but they are constantly updated. The unique part of the game is perhaps that players play as Pokémon as well as their coaches. Because of this system, battles are not in turn but are actually played in real time. There are not many customization options, but players can change their trainer models into different colors and different franchise players characters. While the aesthetics of the game still needs work, developers are constantly working on the more technical aspects of the game that keeps improving. There is no history yet, so the game is essentially an empty sandbox for players to run, fight and train.


Someone is developed by the original Pro Creator. One presents Kant, Photo, and recently released the Nova region for players to explore and play. One has features like a PVP scale and the battle border, but what makes it unique is that it includes all the Pokémon of Generation VII.

Furthermore, one allows players to change graphical options by allowing players to use traditional 2D graphics as in the original games or 3D graphics seen in the most recent entries of the franchise.

We play a lot like pro due to having the same developers but has a lot of potential for change and growth. It is constantly updated and has an active fans basis that always seeks to promote it and improve it.

Pokémon World Online

This is one of the oldest MMO Pokémon. This game is the classic wow of the MMO Pokémon. It is very appreciated and has a large base of players but still has a lot of rough edges. It does not have the best user interface, but has many interesting features. There are fully integrated Kant and Photo regions, including gymnasiums, a battle tour, PVP and trade. TWO also offers day / night cycles in the game and many quests. There are regular events and a thriving community that works constantly to improve the game.

Pokémon Blaze Online

Pokémon Blaze Online is unique in that this is an almost entirely new Pokémon experience. This MMO is ideal for people who want to move away from the Pokémon Power-part experience. While Blaze has all the same Pokémon, including some added Pokémon sun and moon it offers a new unique region to explore for players. This region includes new rivals, new gymnasiums, new stories and much more. The game has a thriving community and a unique statistics system.


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