The development of Halo Infinite had somewhat murky moments: In 2019, the game was in crisis mode

Hallo Infinite is one of the most anticipated launches of the year, so its developers have not hesitated to celebrate this event with a work of art of the most emotional. However, those who have followed the development of this delivery will know all the obstacles through which 343 Industries has passed, something that has led to a major delay in its premiere and several moments of uncertainty.

The study decided to cut almost two-thirds of its game already planned Bloomberg and is that several details about the infinite halo development process have come to light, something that collects Bloomberg into a report on the title. In the text, they highlight key moments that put in check the launch of the autumn game of 2020: In the summer of 2019, Halo Infinite was Crisis mode. The study decided to cut almost two thirds of His game already planned, letting the managers instruct some designers to come to the office and not do anything while the study thought of the next step, is read in the article.

But the date of premiere was not a Bloomberg discussion topic Although the development of Halo Infinite has gone through quite negative points, this has led to it rethink its formula : Eventually, the world Open game was cut from a Zelda style experience to something smaller. Soon it became clear for some of the team that, even with the commitments, have infinite halo in a decent form for autumn would be impossible. However, Microsoft was not willing to delay the game, because it would be the standard title of his imminent Xbox series: But the release date was not a discussion topic. Microsoft said to 343 that it had to be a game of launch for the next Xbox, which meant released it in November 2020.

Despite this determination by Microsoft, and after a very criticized presentation in 2020, they decided to delay the adventure of the master chief. Here Joseph Staten, creative director of Halo entered, and convinced Microsoft that 343 should be taken all the time you needed : Here you have a list of all the things we can do for this game excellent Remember Staten in the report of Bloomberg, This is what allows us to do more time.

Luckily, all these moments of uncertainty have stayed in the past, because today the individual Halo Infinite campaign was released after allowing its multiplayer mode fascinated the players for a couple of weeks. However, 343 Industries still has work to do, as it is preparing an update that will allow retuning missions, an iconic feature in the franchise, and there are still a cooperative mode and forging. In addition, there are already users who complain about their physical editing, which needs an additional download to start the game for the first time.

Halo Infinite Campaign - The Digital Foundry Tech Review

Despite everything, there is no doubt that Halo Infinite is the dream fulfilled by many fans of the franchise. Well, as commented by the partner Mario Gómez in the analysis of him, he gets mix the nostalgia of the saga with an exquisite action in a sublime cocktail.


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