Twitch: Nearest big streamer with over 3 million followers goes to YouTube

Twitch Streamer Ludwig has conquered the streaming platform in the storm and collected over 3 million followers in record time. With his streaming / sub-marathon (31 days of continuous stream), he caused a great sensation, as it came on over 280,000 subscribers and thus put the old subscriber record of Ninja from 2018 in the shadows.

Charlie Leaks More Big Streamers Moving To Youtube Really Soon But now Ludwig farewell to Twitch takes and changes to YouTube Among, where it will be exclusively streaming. In an amusing video, he makes the platform change officially.

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The war of streaming platforms goes into the next round

Twitch is still by far the largest livestreaming platform for games, Facebook Gaming and YouTube, but always want to depend on the cake and make in contrast to newly emerging streaming sites such as Mixer Moves. After Twitch Streaming Sizes like Tim The Batman and Dr. LPO snaps YouTube with Ludwig's next big fish.

With over a million followers on Twitter and over 3 million followers on Twitch, Ludwig is a solid size in the streaming industry. As a former Super Smash Bros. Commentator has risen his popularity since he has begun in 2019 with full-time streaming.

What are the reasons for Ludwig's change to YouTube?

So far, the fans do not know exactly what has moved him to change to YouTube. But he was quickly welcomed by other content creator on the platform, such as Valkyrie and Courage, welcome.

For those who wonder why Ludwig changes the platform, even though he has a great success on Twitch, there is now a simple explanation: Teal of his Twitter-organic Mogul Moves he has great before and wants to go into the big leagues Ask and looks the change to YouTube as the matching Move.


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