Valorant Champions: The new controversy caused by a pause that changed a decisive result

Riot Games still has many things to learn regarding the competition of Valorant. The first world championship organized by the developer is being a somewhat rugged competition due to different controversies that have affected the outcome of the parties. To the first controversy due to the decision of the arbitrators that affected the outcome of the party between Amend and Team Vikings has now added a very particular use of a tactical pause that decided the decisive confrontation between Cloud 9 and Vision Strikers.

The Pause of the Controversy at the Valorant Champions

ALL The Valorant Champions Controversy Explained When it started Round 24 of the decisive heading of Group D, Cloud 9 used a tactical pause to establish an impossible defensive strategy in other circumstances. Thus, they could use both the Viper barrier and the Viper Polo in opposite areas of the map, taking a positional advantage over Vision Strikers who forced the Korean team to attack the point of A. The situation resulted in a victory of the Americans, who had their defense centered in this scenario area.

For many members of the community, the problem with tactical pauses is that do not block the movement of players. A situation that did occur in competitions before the current Valorant Champions and that now allows the use of very particular strategies that in any other way would be impossible to the lack of time of players to scroll between the different points of the map.

However, can not be accused of cloud 9 to have acted against the Regulation. The North American organization may have taken advantage of a designer or new functionality introduced by Riot Games, but never something penalized explicitly in the Book of Rules of Valorant Championship. In this way the competition will take its courses and the team will be measured to Team Liquid in the quarterfinals with the responsibility of being the only representative of the region still in the tournament.


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