Who will be the next James Bond? The search has begun!

The last James Bond strip No Time to the (no time to die) was a huge hit. He is considered the most successful film of the year 2021 and even met Fast & Furious 9 from the throne. In our criticism you will learn why we think that this is a worthy saying for the conclusion of an era.

Because it was just the last movie in which the British actor Daniel Craig portrayed the role of Jame Bond on the cinema screen.

Craig starred for the first time in 2006 in Casino Royale in the role of the Agent 007. Five films later, however, he says goodbye from the best job in the world according to his own statements. But the search for his successor has already begun.

What do the James Bond producers say?

An MGM producer — the responsible production company behind the Bond films — has revealed more details about a possible successor.

Top 10 Actors Who Can Be James Bond After Daniel Craig

The producer Pamela Andy gave in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter price that the current state of the search is still very vague. She goes on and says she had very early conversations with the producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson. It was important to them that Craig can enjoy his last great appearance in peace.

Who will be new James Bond?

Several actors have expressed interest in the past that they could imagine the role of the bond:

Dwayne Johnson, admitted to Esquire that he would love to become the next bond and follow the footsteps of his grandfather Peter Mai via, Mai via played the villain in you only live twice. Henry Cavils, known as Superman and The Witcher, tries his luck again. After all, he was already at Casino Royale in the narrower selection. However, Cavils says he does not necessarily have to emerge as Agent 007 and is also interested in other roles in the franchise.

However, these are only two of the possible successors, which have publicly expressed their interest. Our home cinema podcast has also thought about the future of films and the successor of 007.

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