YouTube Streamer Ludwig gets unique scrotum

The fruits of the victory: The successful Streamer Ludwig receives a modified controller for his services in an Among US tournament as a prize, whose form he was allowed to choose himself. At that time, when choosing the design for a penis and scrotum motif decided that Michael, the host of the tournament, can finally present in his final form.

The basis for the artwork was a Gamete controller, whose downwards and semi-detached plates for the Digital and the C-stick originally satisfied as singular testicles. The modifications were created in collaboration with other basses, one of which is very well knowing with the input device of Nintendo.

This fodder OUT OF SHIELD OPERATION Michael then pointed out after careful examination of blueprints that the scrotum should actually be installed independently of the body of the controller at the bottom of the device.

Probably the expert was about greater usability, but also anatomical fidelity could have played a role in the decision. In addition, the additional weight and the excellent grip of the testicular plastic give the controller a certain prestige feeling in use, Michael.

The penis component also put the hobbyists a big challenge. Initially, this was still planned as a kind of head element, which acts as a sheath of the escaping cable. In the course of the work process, however, this idea was a minimalist approach. For the shaft, the hobbyists simply took a flesh-colored cable, whose tail, so the part, which is plugged into the console, the PC or adapter, then the glans was redesigned.

Now Sicknesses has shared his phallic fascism on Twitter with the world — where it was received by a large applause. The future recipient Ludwig was also full of recognition: That's the greatest part I have ever obsessed, the streamer warbled the unique.

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To create the project, according to its own statement, Michael cost about 500 US dollars, but in which his working time is not yet invoiced. The pride of his work and the certain pleasing eyes of the award winner were the investment but certainly worth it.

Sources : Sicknesses (Twitter),

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