YouTube streamer Valkyrae on fans: Listen to Sexualize everything!

The existence as a streamer has many advantages — but also some disadvantages. This reality must always face twitch stars like Amaranth or Primate. Most things are about threats and inappropriate utterances.

This is also affected by the Queen of YouTube Valkyrie, the highly the strongest streamer on the platform. In a recent stream, she held itself with the request to the public, no longer to sexualize everything, what she does in front of the camera.

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Who is Valkyrie?

Valkyrie is a 29-year-old American streamer, which is called Queen of YouTube, because it is the high-rich streamer of the platform with most viewers.

What does Valkyrie show in your videos?

Valkyrae not happy when she talks about getting sexualized by her viewers

In your videos, the streamer shows a variety of topics. On the one hand, it's about video games like Among US, but also around your privacy turn the clips of Valkyrie. So they could at all could attract almost 3.6 million subscribers.

What is the problem?

But the videos of the 29-year-old lure again and again viewers, on which they would rather do without — because the Sexualize everything that Valkyrie does, for example, sports videos or charity streams.

Thus, among others, the streamer discovered a forum at Reddit, where her Instagram images of workouts were collected. They made something disgust about it, said the 29-year-old.

It's disgusting

It's unfortunate, I just want to show sports and health issues, to be able to serve as a good example. But then these people who make something completely different from it, Valkyrie recently leads to one of their streams the end.

I know it should not impress me, it's more of an inconvenience. But it annoys and It all goes to my girlfriends so, who also stream. I have seen this so often, it's just damaged everything, explains it you further.

That's your consequence

Furthermore, Valkyrie led out in the stream that they are increasingly avoiding videos and streams away from gaming. So she wanted to prevent Creepy from making people on the internet something indecent.

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From Johannes Gearing editor 06.12.2021 at 12:00


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