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Many players want to embark on the RV, but the high entrance ticket will repeal more than 1. Fortunately, Discount offers a very nice discount on the live cosmos from HTC, thereby positioning it just below the €350.

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At the same time powerful and easy to use, the fourth Virtual reality headphones of HTC put on a registration system INSIDE-OUT . In practice, these are sensors positioned directly on the helmet that follow the movement of the controllers. No need to close with a tedious installation. For those preferring to go through the platform Steamer , the helmet is modular provided you acquire the adapted additional hardware ( Five Wand / Valve Index or the Cosmos Elite Pack ).

Despite its two screens 0 Hz of 1 440 x 1 700 pixels , HTC announces a modest minimum configuration based on FX 8350 or i5 4590 matching a GTX 970 or R9 290 . If you want to fully enjoy the qualities of this helmet, a more recent, and muscular configuration, will be welcome, however.

These screens distillate performance more than honorable, delivering a fine, fluid and faithful image. The sound delivered by Integrated Supra-Ear Headphones is also a good invoice, ensuring optimal immersion quality. Past through the laboratory of our confrères DES Digital, the Five Cosmos has proved that its simplicity of implementation and use was its biggest strong point alongside image quality and sound. If the monitoring of the movements with the Hideout solution is not quite up to the other models of the manufacturer or competition, the Five Cosmos is still doing well.

Launched at a rate of €799, the Five Cosmos is quite elitist. But fortunately, Discount takes advantage of the balances to offer a tempting offer, passing its price to only €349,99 . This is therefore a strong entry into the world of VR for a fairly exceptional rate for this type of equipment.

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