The MicroSD SanDisk Extreme 256 GB Card Ideal for Crazy Switch

In order to expand the storage space of your switch, Nintendo recommends inserting a micros card into the console. At the minute, Amazon supplies an extremely nice promotion on the SanDisk Extreme 256 GB, showing 62% off.

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Typically recommended at EUR 96.99, this Micros card currently take advantage of a good promotion that boosts its price to EUR 36.99. You will certainly have the right to a fast card and offering a stunning area for only 0.15 EUR/ go, an excellent rate/ area ratio.

If Nintendo supplies Nintendo Change cards, these have genuine passion just for collectors. This is the instance for this SanDisk Extreme 256 GB AHSI that displays similar characteristics to Nintendo versions.

Gamers that choose to acquire their video game in dematerialized style usually come to short storage space. To conquer this, it is required to furnish itself with a micros card of great dimension to save its video games without needing to eliminate the old titles, a significant time conserving.

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You can still choose for the versions supplied by Nintendo if you really feel the spirit of an enthusiast. The latter, made by the very same SanDisk, deal comparable performance but show a layout to the effigy of Nintendo personalities. This 256 GB design hence adorns with a lovely yellow color and also the Mario invisibility star.

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Additionally, on promo on, this version will certainly cost you some additional items since it is proposed at EUR 39.99 rather of 93,99 EUR common.

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If Nintendo supplies Nintendo Switch over cards, these have actual rate of interest only for collectors. The others will like a card simply so powerful and also remarkable. This is the case for this SanDisk Extreme 256 GB AHSI that presents similar characteristics to Nintendo versions. If you feel the heart of an enthusiast, you can still decide for the models provided by Nintendo. The latter, made by the same SanDisk, deal comparable efficiency yet show a layout to the effigy of Nintendo personalities.