The SteelSeries Rival 5 mouse under 50 €

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Whatever the type of game, the Rival 5 steel series demonstrates great versatility thanks to its ergonomics and performance. It is at this moment in discount on Amazon and where it is possible to acquire it within €50.

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Specialized in game devices, Steelers has in its catalog of a good multipurpose mouse, rival 5. This mulct gaming does not play in the outbid and, however, can offer high-fly benefits through a balanced data sheet.

Its sober design is simply enhanced by some RGB parameterize light bands. Its typical shape allows it to suit any type of grip, which you enter it in Palm Grip, Claw Grip or Fingertip. Its weight very content of 85 grams allows some nervousness of the rapid movements while its sensor baptized True Move Air displays 18 000 dpi and encases without harm the movements and the acceleration of the Fast players. On the left slice, there are 4 buttons, one of which offers 2 shortcuts, activating up or down. The silver button under the thumb, although a little distant, also offers good comfort.

The Steelers rival 5 is a mouse to do everything, quite versatile for the players of Mob and MMO and light enough and reactive for lovers of FPS. Its braided cable and its switches assuring 80 million clicks make it a reliable model for intensive players. Launched at a rate of €70, it is currently findable at €49,99 on Amazon and €49,95 on

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Racer Basilisk...

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More aggressive, the Racer Basilisk V2 does not hide its FPS orientation with its true key sniper to lower the sensitivity temporarily. Its sensor Focus + of 20,000 dpi is also very powerful, but it shows a little heavier, displaying 94 grams on the scale. The additional 10 grams may seem anecdotal, but the difference is felt.

In its wired version, the Basilisk V2 is currently accessible to €59,99, which is a reasonable rate for a mulct of this type, but always more expensive than our rival 5. If you absolutely want a fps mouse with the sniper key, the Basilisk v2 is a very good mouse

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