Valorant Neon Agent: Date of launch, skills and everything we know so far

A new year brings a new episode of Valorant, and for what will be the fifth important chapter in the history of the game, that also means that a new agent is appearing on stage. The name of her is neon, she apparently she is superfast and should be able to play in a short time. Here we compile All we know about the new Neon Agent of Valorant, including their skills and the release date.

Everything we know about the new Agent of Valorant, Neon

Neon originally had the name in sprinter code, an appointment discovered for the first time by data miners at the end of last year.

From the jump it became clear that Sprinter would be an agent designed around speed. The track is in the name, of course, but also in constant references to electricity in several initial progress, such as the Live Wire player card included in ACT:

Then, the agent received an official long combat at the beginning of December at the main competition of Riot Games Electronics, Valorant Champions Tour (VCT), where she made a brief appearance in a promotional advance. As you will see below, suspicions about utility centered on the Sprinter movement were confirmed with the vocal line of it, in which she says I hope you read, I go fast».

The title of the video, Link Kayo means I hope a ray falls» in Tagalog, which is the national language of the Philippines.

The images also confirm another two details about sprinter that had been previously revealed: Sprinter is a woman and is from Manila, Philippines. She later discovered that she was 19 years old, she was a radiant in the tradition of Valorant and her powers inflicted electrical damage.

Apparently, she also plays a role on the Alpha-Omega bridge, which allows sending goods and staff between two different worlds in the installation where the Fracture map of Valorant is located. By the way, the teleportation device used in this process, which is damaged in Fracture (causing the division on the map), has been broken by the last incorporation to the list of Valorant agents, Chamber.

Neon officially revealed after a filtration.

New Valorant Agent Neon LEAKED

To continue, Sprinter was officially presented recently by Riot Games after an accidental Filtration of the Amazon Prime Gaming page. The background of the showcase has been replaced by a new key art that presents the appearance of Neon and reveals the appropriate call sign of it. The image was quickly eliminated, but the filtration was quickly discovered and led Riot Games to officially reveal it:

It seems that some of you could be faster than our next agent. Here is a non-cut version to share. Next week !

— Valorant (@playvalorant) December 31, 2021

Neon agent capabilities

At the time of writing this article, nothing concrete has been revealed with respect to Neon's skills, although there are certainly many tracks that help us to have an approximate idea of ​​which could be; More notably, Riot Games itself. A recent blog publication referred to Neon as impacting competition and lizard directly in combat.

Neon gives the impression that she has some kind of electric shock offensive utility, and maybe the ability to use some type of tactical sliding as seen in other FPS games.

It should be noted that neon is a duelist agent, although this has not been officially confirmed either. However, given that the last three agents in the game were a controller (Astral), an initiator (kayo) and a sentinel (camera), this is a fair assumption, and we believe it is true.

Many believe that Neon was designed to counteract Jet, an agent who enjoys a selection fee of almost 100% in the professional game thanks to his incredibly powerful team, in particular, a career skill that allows him to hold angles. Unusual with impunity and, in general, better to evade. / Mug than any other agent in the game. Neon is supposed to replace it as the fastest game agent.

You can see the most recent progress of Neon below, which comes from the official Twitter of Agent Valorant Killjoy (yes, does), which again shows some kind of electric discharge ability. Maybe that also disables utility? We'll have to wait and see.

Valorant Killjoy.

New Year's Eve comfortably at home, with a court of light. What or who was it? Valorant 2022 Sylvester

Original sound — Valorant Killjoy

Launch date of Valorant Agent Neon

Neon is scheduled for its launch as part of Episode 4, Act 1 of Valorant, which is scheduled to launch next week, on January 11 (or the 12 if you are in Europe). This would follow the typical output format, but it is not yet official. We will keep you informed if we learned of any change.

For now, that is all you need to know about the new Neon Agent of Valorant. To get more information about the game, find neon or refer to the content-related content.

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