"Touken no Sanko" Released on February 17th! A season path that can enjoy DLC such as a sword math "Inner Nae-style Booking" also started distribution

From DMM Games, the Action Games for Nintendoswitches / PC (DMM Game Player) collaborated with "Touken no Sai -online-" and "Musou" series is released on Thursday, February 17, 2011 rice field.

Some distribution of download content that can be enjoyed with this work will start. A great deal of season that can change "Intelligible songs" that can be changed by the "Honmaru scenery" that can be changed by the "Honmaru scenery" and "BGM" of "Tomurabu", which can be changed to the Season of Honmaru, and the "inner number-style bundle" that can be changed Path is also delivered.

In addition, "original soundtrack", which contains 77 songs in the game, and the "image vocal album" of the opening song "Churdo-no-no-ki", the ending song "Honora" & "star frost" (Wed as water) It will be launched simultaneously. These audition videos are being released.

# Purchase the "Swordsun Sanko Muso" from here


# DLC delivery start such as additional costumes and draft arrange music!

※ DLC delivery included in the season path will not be sold separately. Please be careful about duplicate purchase.

※ "Inner Beginning Booking" will be scheduled to be distributed by the end of March 2022 by the end of April.

"Touken Sanka Muso DLC" Detail URL: https: //touken-musou.com/dlc

# "Original Soundtrack" "Image Vocal Album" March 2 (Wed) Simultaneous Released!

■ "Touken Sanko Muso-Finding the Phalashi Original Soundtrack" audition video

■ "Touken Sanko Muso-Huke Butterfly Song Image Vocal Album" audition videos

Product details and each store benefit please refer to the special site.

"Touken no Saiko-Huhuke's Original Soundtrack": HTTPS: //www.gamecity.ne.jp/Goods/7498.html

"Swords Sanko Muso-Huke Butterfly Song Image Vocal Album": https://www.gamecity.ne.jp/goods/7514.html

# Various collaboration campaigns are underway! Furthermore, the original goods release decision!

We are carrying out collaboration campaigns with various companies and regions such as discount stores, cafes and local governments.

Collaboration campaign is a must-see for "Touken Sankai" fans such as the event that can be distributed and knowledge of limited goods and the history of swords, so please check it.

"Touken Sanko Muso" collaboration campaign site: https://touken-musou.com/special

Touken Sanka Koji x Don Quijote: https: //www.donki.com/campaign/touken-musou2/

Touken Sanka no double _x_animateCafe: https://cafe.animate.co.jp/news/crv/138983/

Ashikaga City × # Touken Sanko Musou: https: //ashikaga-touken.com/index.html

Furthermore, many lineups will be released, such as "Swords Sanko" original "clear file" "Serifky Holder" "Standed Stand POP".

The latest information and follow-up will be informed at any time in the official site or official Twitter.

"Touken no Sanko" is on sale with Nintendose switch / PC (DMM Game Player). The price is 8,778 yen (tax included).


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