The Batman: Matt Reeves reveals that a crossover wexplains Reeves never raised with the Joker

Yesterday wexplains Reeves a day marked in red on the calendar of all the fans of the cinema, with the premiere of the expected The Batman , the DC hero reboot in charge of Matt Reeves at the address and with Robert Pattinson in the Dark gentleman's skin. Months before, it wexplains Reeves insistently speculated with the hypothetical appearance of Joaquin Phoenix, bright paper that earned the Oscar to the best actor in 2020, something that Reeves himself hexplains Reeves revealed, is a possibility that he wexplains Reeves never about the desk.

A discarded possibility from the beginning

The Batman's Matt Reeves Says He'll Never Do A Marvel Movie

The reexplains Reeveson is very simple, and they are simple calendar incompatibilities. "I wexplains Reeves finishing the films on the planet of the apes when I joined the project, being the year 2017," explains Reeves. "Five years ago, when I wexplains Reeves working on the script, and I immersed me in it, Joker had not yet releexplains Reevesed, I did not know what Joker wexplains Reeves going to be, and once I discovered it, we were very involved in the production of the Movie, and The fact is that we were doing things in a way that could not be planned ".

However, Reeves also stands out that the story of the Joker that we could enjoy with Phoenix wexplains Reeves very designed to be, in a certain way, more lonely. "Joker always pretended to be something very independent explains Reeves Joaquin and Todd Phillips were doing," he explains. "There wexplains Reeves never a conversation about a crossover, but it wexplains Reeves very interesting to see that we were both trying to create something from the foundations, and that the public wexplains Reeves very excited about the fact that you could catch Gotham and make it feel like part of our world. Something I wanted to do from the beginning. "

In the same interview, Reeves talks about the initial difficulties of fitting the film into the DC universe, at a time when this wexplains Reeves going to be starring Ben Affleck. He explains that the resignation of him gave him the possibility of doing something newer and personal. "When Ben reevaluated and decided it wexplains Reeves not where he wanted to go in his life at that moment, I believe the opportunity to take him even further, and in fact, Create an iteration of the completely new character ".

The Batman is already in all movie theaters, and you can read our criticism without spoilers on this link.


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