"FFXIV" large update "patch 6.1" April 12 Delivery-Latest trailer released to confirm the main quest and new content

Square Enix announced the date of the online RPG " Final Fantasy XIV " as a large update patch 6.1 "new adventure" published on April 12th. At the same time, the latest trailer can be viewed that can confirm the main quests that are attracting new deployments, and many new content, including the Alliance Laid "Misologies of Eolsea". The latest trailer has been published.

In patch 6.1, "Content supporter" is added to organize NPCs and capturing dungeons, and all battle involved in the main story of "new Eorzea" (range up to patch 2.0) " You will be able to proceed with. In addition, collaboration with popular special effects TV drama series "Fang Wolf " has also been announced. Weapons, arts, and costumes appearing in the world of "Fang Wolf ", and costumes will be available again from patches 6.1 as FFXIV equipment and mounts.

# Major content to be released in patch 6.1

# # New main quest

Warriors who succeeded in connecting hopes through a journey leading to the end of the Heavenly Heaven. By leaving the crisis of the end, "The Meeting's Level" announced dissolution and returned to the original secret association. Thus, the hero returns to one adventurer. And after a while, I went to a new adventure.

# # New Alliance Laid Misologies of Eol Size 1st "Shining Gland Agria"

Loved by the gods, Eorzea. The correctness of the twelve god who has been believed in his ground is still a mystery that is still himself. The adventure goes through the beginning of mythology, as a survey request from one explorer comes to the Baldecion Committee.

# # Fighting new killing and departure

Foreign poet is given. If it was a few stars, or after another, if you have picked up a lot of despairs It was not. Listen to the poems of the despair, and the light warriors now have a possibility that they may have been religious to the "end battle".

# # New Phantom Disappointment Phantom Artema Weapon Destruction Operation

Patches 6.1 Phantom for Hardening The Target Content Counting Cards with Many Adventurers Descriptive......

# # New Nasty Navigant Poetry War

Hifice poet talks. It is said that "if" is not "if" in history, but it is still a person's normal to think about "if". And now, the light warrior who overcome the end of the end of the end of the end of the end of his past journey and reminds the dragon poems war with his entrance thought. A foreign poet may be a poem with spinning, and it may be possible to have a "Moshi".

# # New Small PVP Crystal Conflict

"Crystal Conflict", it is a new simulated match that assumes a small group of Eorzea Military Alliance. Add the strategic element to secure important supplies "Tactical Crystal" to existing interpersonal combat and add it. Latest illusion Projection technology he aims to win in a variety of environments, he has been reproduced!

# # "Fang Wolf " collaboration again

Popular special effects TV drama series "Fang Wolf ", which has been supported by a wide range of generations in a unique world view. Mr. Keita Amamiya worked on the design, the weapon, armor, and costumes that appear in the world of "Fang (GARO>", and the costume will be available again as FFXIV equipment and mounts.

# # Shinsei Hen Main Quest Renovation / Content Supporter

"Content supporter" is implemented that allows you to create an instance dungeon or defeatment battle that appears in the main quests of "New Eorzea" (Patch 2.0), and to organize NPCs and participates and capture instance dungeons. increase. Even one person can go through the story and make it easier to play! ※ Content after patch 2.x and "Ishugard edition of the Heavenly Heaven" is also scheduled for sequential updates.

Ishugard Housing "Empirham" Sales start

The reconstruction of the Seahito is completed by the cooperation of many adventurers, and a new housing area "Empicle Am" is added to Ishgard! In this sales, a new land draw sales system will be introduced. If it is a stone city as well as Ishgard, enjoy his zing in a majestic and majestic atmosphere.

· New Subquest Tatal Daiko store

FFXIV: Do THIS Before Patch 6.1 to MAKE GIL (Endwalker 6.1 Prep)

· Friendship group quest: Alkasodara · Hildi Bland back back · メ メ メ extra edition · New instance dungeon · Newger intentions trading "Ameline" Adventurer Plate (β version) · Watching for favorite · Data center travel · Added chapter for "Tsuichi New Game" · Fantasy faster (online store seller trailing) · New Mount Minion Emort

※ Some content will be released on patch 6.1x


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