185 teams and 30 overseas overseas, appearing at the indie game show this year.

Neowiz will open the 'Indie Game Show 2022' (hereinafter referred to as Nonix 2022), where domestic indie game developers will participate from 11th to 17th.

Neix 2022 is co-hosted by Neowiz, Seoul Industrial Promotion Agency, and Gyeonggi Content Agency, and will be sponsored by Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, Google Play Indie Festival, Twitch, Mega Zone Cloud, Inven, Ruri Web, and Iron Sauce.


You can meet 185 domestic game developers and 30 overseas indie games, and you can experience the majority of indie games and watch videos through the online event page.

There will also be a 'nonks award' that selects excellent games among participation works. The total prize money is about 16 million won, the judges evaluation and the visitors votes are summed up, and the TOP 3 (Ze Rank Challenge Seoul Award), the TOP 2, the Metabus Special Award, the Judge Award, the Encouragement Prize, and the Popular Award Select dog games.

There is also an event to give prizes to visitors who participated in the online vote. During the Nonks 2022 period, you will vote for a game that suits your taste, and upload a certified photo to the event application page to give 200 first-come-first-served people. In addition, if you like and retweet the official Twitter Channel Event Post, you will receive a Bluetooth portable keyboard and coffee coupon.

Meanwhile, Nonix 2022 will hold a live broadcast to introduce all participation information and videos at 1 pm on the 11th.

For more information about non-Iks 2022, please visit the official website.