[Indie Language] Except for Development Indie Publisher, Psychoplux

Sudden deviations are often unexpected. Even if he is a reporter, he has polished his studies in a natural science major that has nothing to do with the game, but he is acting as a game journalist.

Today, Lee Sang-hoon, CEO of 'Indie Game Special Publisher' Psychoplux Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as Psychoplux), is one of those characters. In the third year of high school, he decided to deviate and set up a publishing company to enter the industry.

Since then, he has been on the indie game since 2016, expanding his knowledge and networks, running barefoot for indie game publishing. What kind of company have and what kind of effort have you been doing? Game Mecca met with Lee Sang-hoon and listened to many stories.

'Indie Game Specialist' one-person publishing business, psychoplux

The Indie Game Publisher Psychoplux, which is a steam-oriented-oriented work, began with the 'deviation' mentioned earlier. As a high school student, Lee said he wanted to make his own game under the vague intention of becoming a developer. I tried to start development by entering the game production club, but since I became a school year, I had a little wrong goal that 'what I have to do as a market is helping our club to complete the game.'

Originally, the school year was a planner or team leader who suggested the project, and the president misinterpreted the purpose of the place. He said that he was not a good planning or team leader. While I was accumulating various knowledge with such a strange goal, I found out that there was a role called Publisher, and I was willing to start a business soon. Thus, Lee prepared for his high school graduation and resolved his business registration and various tasks. In his words, it was 'shoveling'.

The reason why Lee jumped directly to the start-up was that he wanted to make a change in the domestic game version, which was often returned to the mass production mobile game in 2015. Now, I know that these games have their own circumstances and there is a favorite user base, but at the time, I felt a feeling of disillusionment.

Then, the Steam Green Light system, which has disappeared, has caught the eye, and I look at the indie game. As a result, I felt that the indie game would grow in Korea, and I launched a psychoflux in the thought that 'change should start underneath'. Lee recalled at the time and criticized, Maybe it was a rebellion that I could be because I was a high school student.

Until one game is released

Psychoplux's tasks include the price policy set for the game on the platform, the translation, test, the crowdfunding project support, and office work and business. In addition, it helps developers in a variety of ways, including customer service, bug reports, and design tasks such as promotion, translator-linked support, game porting, and community mail.


In addition to developer requests, it also supports iOS mobile devices, Xbox, Nintendo switch test devices and development kits. Lee explained how to help as a publisher and said, I exaggerate it for a little bit, but it's not exaggerated at all.

As Steam publishing is the flagship, it also supports translation work. Of course, not all of this representative is in charge of translation. Galatics Entertainment, a game professional translator, is conducting localization. Unlike general translators, game translators need to carry out localization quality assurance (LQA), which directly play games with translations. In addition, the translation of breaking the context of the game is a big factor that harms immersion, If there is a translation plan, it is better to make sure that the translator is doing LQA.

The experience of high school, which had to be done from one to ten, was very helpful for such a variety of tasks. So far, about half of the works published by Psychoplux are also the works of student developers who have difficulty in publishing.

It's pretty good to see the reviews of game developers who have been published by Psycholux while doing so much. Developers who have no knowledge or experience of publishing are attracted to the fact that most of the work can be handled through the publisher. In fact, you can check the various recommendations of developers on the official website of the Psycholux. The process of running with a wide range of knowledge and feet has been fruitful.

A love for indie games that do not stop in publishing

Currently, Lee is also working on the 1 Map 1 Chicken Alman Toul Tour. This competition is planned to revitalize new inflows in the production of 'RPG Maker' games in Korea. It was a competition that started with the idea from the 2015 event, 'One Map Fes' project, which was held in 2015 at the Japan's own game sharing site. And improved the quality of the competition.

Psycholux Entertainment is the organizer of the competition, and provides technical support such as administration, tax-related work, homepage, and tumblebucks, as well as sponsorships such as prize money payments, sponsorship goods production and ordering.

When asked, 'What do you think is an indie game?' Indie games seem to have 1 million definitions if there are 1 million players, he said.

The head is nodded because it is not limited to the indie game as a genre, but it is necessary to look at the result of an indie developer. Tieing games that are released with various genres, various ways, and various results into the genre category of 'indie game' may be a blurring of developers' purposes. I hope that psychoplux will continue to convey more diverse 'game game games' and developers' intentions.


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