Scarlet and Purple Pokémon teach a 14 -minute trailer

The Pokémon Company has published a new general trailer of scarlet and purple Pokémon of little more than fourteen minutes, as confirmed during yesterday afternoon.

As the name implies, this general video reviews many of the novelties of the ninth generation of Pokémon through a paused _gameplay and without too many cuts that allows us to get an idea of how our trip through Pale will be relatively precisely.

Although there was part of the community with doubts about the sending function Pokémon, they have now confirmed that we can send to our main Pokemon to that it combines on their own in a kind of simulated fight so as not to cut the rhythm of the exploration, something that can also be used to collect objects distributed by the map.

From this same map they have also taught the occasional sketch: in addition to some images on the back of Myrmidon and Portion, we know that there will be markers that will then appear in our compass to be able to travel to areas that call us attention for their biography.


They have also emphasized the three different aspects that will wait for us in scarlet and purple Pokémon: on the Stardust road we will face the team Star (the classic group of villains, it seems) through different incursions to its bases distributed by the map using only three Pokémon; On the vice we will have to defeat eight gym leaders to become champions in the style of the most classic games. They have not commented much more about the legendary path, which we know we will join a character named Damian to look for very difficult ingredients to find.

What makes the most sense, in any case, is that you take a look at the trailer for yourself.

There are many novelties with this new Pokémon, but it is necessary At his deficiencies, he laid some bases that were exciting for much of the public.

Scarlet and Purple Pokémon will be published in Nintendo Switch on November 18 of this year.


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