CS: GO: Update ings Anubis Map in place of Dust2; AWP and M4A1

Valve revealed on Saturday (19) all changes in Counter-Strike's latest update: Global Offensive. Among the changes in the highest impact on the competitive scenario are the entry of the anubis map instead of dust2 and the nerfs in two of the most widely used weapons in the game: AWP, which will have the number of bullets reduced from 10 to 5, and M4A1-S, better known as silenced M4, which will have its damage reduced.


Map that had been in competitive rotation for a long time and a Counter-Strike classic since CS 1.6 times, Dust2 will remain available in casual game modes, Deathwatch (knockout) and competitive, but can no longer be used in official competitions.

the anubis map, created by the community, enters the CS: GO's competitive rotation for the first time, and will be part of the rotation alongside Hell, Overpass, Mirage, Nuke, Ancient and Vertigo.

Weapon with greater damage in the game, AWP has always received criticism from the community by the high number of bullets, which allowed players to spin shots through the map. With the change, shots with awp should be made more selectively and strategically.

Finally, the M4A1-S had the reduced distance multiplier from 0.99 to 0.94, which means that the silent rifle will cause less and less damage to the distance from the target. The greater the distance, the less opponent's life it will take.


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