How to unlock and configure the handle of the box in Nobody the Turnaround

The merchant’s counter is one of many ways to change his life and pay all the debts in Nobody the Turnaround, but it is unclear how to unlock it. At the first launch of the game, everything that we will know is that we must do the quest in order to unlock the merchant’s work, but it does not explain where you can find the quest. Fortunately, unlocking the handle of the box and work is not as complicated as it seems in Nobody the Turnaround.


How to unlock the profession Corona in Nobody the Turnaround

To unlock and configure the merchant’s counter, you must progress until you unlock the merchant’s work at the end of the day 19 into no 1. At the end of the day, your character will talk with his sister about the installation of a stall of the box. After a conversation with your sister, you can unlock the workshop, opening the planner by pressing the key I. Unlike most professions earlier, the profession of Korobeynik will cost only one point of skills to unlock it. If you have no skills, we recommend increasing the level of one of your other professions until you gain enough points. After unlocking, you can start selling items for money, first bought them using the Day application opening your ph1. In the Day application, you can find various items for sale and purchase. Buy a few things, and you can sell them by going to one of the kiosks marked on your map.

How to configure the handle of the box in Nobody the Turnaround

To install the Corbannik counter, you must first have items in your inventory. You can buy items in the Day application and pick them up at the Buddy Express item, marked on your map. Nevertheless, as soon as you have items in the inventory, go to one of the kiosks on the map. You can find one kiosk north of the large fountain in the park and one next to the hotel. Places of kiosks are marked on the map with small icons of kiosks. See the icon dedicated to green for the example of the location of the counter, and the icon highlighted in the yellow where you can pick up your things.

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