Square Enix reveals symbiogenesis, an NFT experience

So A couple of days ago a record for Biogenesis by Square Enix arose, which many believed that it was related to a possible return of EVE Parasite. However, today the sad truth has been revealed. Not only the beloved horror series is not involved,

According to Square Enix, biogenesis_ is the first digital collectible art project designed from scratch for web fans. The company promises an extensive story where each of the NFT pieces that you buy not only It is art that you can collect, but will also be characters in this new experience. This was what was commented:

[You can use NFT] as characters in a story that takes place in an alternative world where the player can unravel a mystery completing missions that revolve around monopolization and distribution of resources.

It is expected that sales of biogenesis begin at some point of 2023 , this next to a free virtual platform, where all users can interact. This is only one of the tactics that the company plans to implement to enter the world of nft.

In related issues, INAMI announces a new project on NFT. Similarly, the Xbox chief reveals his opinion on this technology.

Editor's note:

It is disappointing that square enix continues to bet on NFT, especially considering the little popularity of this technology, and the closure of multiple related services. We just have to wait for us to never see a cloud or typhus NFT.


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