Valorant: Streamer uses Hack live and yet plays badly and is eliminated

Valorant goes through a wave of cheaters that is nasty basin. We are seeing how many players take advantage of the problems the vanguard is having in this regard, to infiltrate their defenses and frustrate the user experience. Nevertheless, not all Sheets can make good use of cheating.

ABBOT is a type of cheat that aims automatically, but there is also CALLBACKS , that is, being able to see where your opponents are at any time, and thus kill them, especially with Odin.


A streamer showed your live Wallace

Content creator, in.pls oadcast live a Valorant game on his TikTok channel, where he played from imstone on the eeze map. The chat soon realized that he was using Hack and much criticism emerged.

You can see the silhouette of each of the enemies that were still alive on the map . Thanks to this, he eliminates a nod. Despite carrying these traps, he makes a novice mistake as he recharged when he was bullet and died for the Viper in the window.


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