How To Find A Snow Launcher In Fortnite

In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, players can use various weapons to destroy enemies and provide royal victory.


The snowball thrower is one of the most popular types of weapons in the game, and during the winter festival 2022 it was not used. Players should know where to find and how to use this weapon. Here's how to get Snowball Launcher in Fortnite.

How to get a snow launcher in Fortnite

Snowball Launcher can be found as terrestrial prey, in the chests fall from the supply. This weapon shoots a shelter and a snapper that explodes and inflicts damage to the enemies. We recommend that the players check the loss of supplies, as there is a chance to find the legendary version of this weapon inside. One of the tasks of Winter fest 2022 requires the players to destroy opponents using a snow launcher. You will be rewarded 16,000 XP for the execution of the quest. You can also purchase the legendary version of the snow launcher at the Jul NPC dump is located in the Poi Faulty Splits. Interact with the NPC to get a free medical subject, and you will need 800 gold ingots to purchase this weapon. This is the fastest way to get Snowball Launcher in the game. Be careful when landing in Faulty Springs, as several other opponents, as a rule, dispute this point of interest. Since Snowball Launcher is an explosive weapon, we recommend carrying a shotgun or a submachine gun with us to hide in close combat. This is not all, you will also find gifts throughout the map during the winter festival 2022. You can throw them to the ground and break them to get prey from the inside. Typically, gifts reward players with various attending objects and weapons.

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