Steam Sales: 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Takes Number One Spot For The Third Week In A Row

This week in the Steam sales charts, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has taken the number one spot for the third week in a row with a 40% sale off. It was also discounted by 30% last week, and it has now reached its lowest price on Steam yet.

With you again this Monday, we are looking at the present Steam sales charts again. The list was vibrantly whirled up today and some new prospects have been added compared to recently The ego shooter Call of Responsibility: Modern Warfare 2 continues fearlessly in the leading 10 and this time even brought reinforcements.

The Steam sales charts today.

At first look on the list of Steam sales charts, it ends up being clear that absolutely nothing has actually altered on the throne, as it has remained in a long time. The portable PC Steam Deck is still in top place and absolutely nothing ought to alter in the remainder of the year.

The existing 2nd place guarantees a surprise. There is the new first-person shooter by Justin Roland, the co-author of Rick and Morty entitled High on Life. Our editor Stefan played the game for you and was able to state in the end that Rick and Morty were definitely pleased with the outcome. As a result, it was no longer enough for Call of Task: Modern Warfare 2 for 2nd place this week. The more serious ego shooter has to be satisfied with 3rd place, but this time brought supports: the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2-Vault Edition is currently in 10th location. In addition, Crisis Core last Dream 7-Reunion made it into the charts straight in his very first week. FIFA 23 and Red Dead Redemption 2 and the beginner Dwarf Fortress were also able to remain in the charts. While FIFA 23 climbed up the podium, Dwarf Fortress had to go down. At the very same time, God of War made it back into the charts, thanks to a currently running discount. Here is the full top 10 in the introduction. 1. Steam deck 2. High on life 3. Call of Task: Modern Warfare 2 4. FIFA 23 5. Dwarf Fortress 6. God of War 7. Red Dead Redemption 2 8. Valve Index VR Package on Steam Crisis Core Final Dream 7-Reunion 9. Crisis Core final Dream 7-Reunion 10. Call of Task: Modern Warfare 2-Vault Edition

how the Steam sales charts are produced

Incidentally, the pure number of copies of the particular video games offered is not definitive for the computation of the current top 10 of the Steam sales charts, however always the sales of the soft relationship offered. Particularly pricey items have a benefit. The sales charts noted above describe the period from 12. Till December 18, 2022. The charts we present are provided weekly in an XML eat Steam.


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